HEALTH Questions & Answer

Life skills unit test thinking for yourself ANSWERS!!! 1. Jasper is trying to decide what to do about a friend who is spreading rumors about him. How should consult which source?
- the friend supposedly spreading rumors about him
2. Katie is trying to decide what part time job to take. She should consult which source?
- her schedule
3. Which phase describes noting the results of your decision?
- decide what you would do differently
4. A commercial depicts a teenager on a skateboard vandalizing a brick wall. This is an example of what?
- stereotype
5. A stockbroker “talks up” a piece of stock that he wants you to buy. This is an example of what?
- vested interest
6. Your friend recommends taking a particular class because they liked the teacher this is an example of what?
- bias
7. New articles that only give one side of the story on a regular basis is an example of what?
- manipulation of information
8. Step “o” stands for
- developing a plan of action
9. Step “s” stands for
- identifying the problem
10. It is best to word a problem as “should I do this or that?
- false
11. Consequences can be both positive and negative
12. To determine whether a choice is right or wrong you might ask what would happen if everyone made decisions like this.
13. A doctor has a vested interest in giving you information about a product
14. Consequence- the result of your actions
Stereotype- typecast or label
Reputable- trustworthy, highly regarded, honest
Context- the details of a problem
Credentials- qualifications, formal certificates
Bias- when someone gives information based on their own experiences or opinions rather than fact