The canals built across New York made it easier to transport what good


Answer 1
Answer: To transport lumber,food and gear.

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In this section, you wills how your knowledge of the content by construction a three paragraph essay. Remember to use examples and be specific, follow proper paragraph and essay writing conventions. What demographic changes are taking place in the U.S in the 21st century, and what do they mean?


In the 21st century, the demographic trends in the United States have started to change. There's numerous reasons for the changes, with some being the migration, birth rates, medical advancements.

The population of the United States is slowly aging. Despite the migration constantly increasing the population, the people are still becoming older and older on average. The reason for this is the low birth rates, as well as the migration of mostly people that are between the ages 20 and 35.

Also, there's changes in the ethnic and racial distribution of the population, as the white population is slowly becoming less and less in total percentage, while the Latino population being a very fast growing one. The Latino population has bigger birth rates than the other groups. Also, most of the migrant are from countries of Latin America. And the constant rise of their number also results in the constant rise in the number of Catholics in the United States.


The US is changing and will never be the same. As the US progresses through years, to decades, to centuries, etc. the US’ demographics are changing, whether this be considered good or bad is up to the audience. Demographic changes are changes in a population, typically in the form of an ‘average’ statistic, for example: average age, or percentage of Hispanics in the population. This means that the changes in sexuality, average age, and racial distribution in the US are all statistics relevant to the question.

Firstly, different sexualities in America are becoming more accepted as time goes on, for example gay pride month (June). Since some sexualities are more accepted, more people are coming out as those sexualities, thus this demographic for LGBTQ+ members in the US population is increasing. Secondly, the average age in the US is increasing, or in other words, the average US citizens’ age is older than it was before. The demographic changed from and average age of 20 to 35, which is most likely caused by the decline in birth rates and the migration of young people out of the US. Finally, the racial distribution in the US has changed as whites take up less of a percentage of the US population than they used to, as people come to the US to start new lives. This is also because people of all races are accepted in the US.

In conclusion, America’s demographics are everchanging in the sense that America is becoming more inclusive. This is evident due to the increase of LGBTQ+ members in the US, and the increase of range and percentages of races other than white in the US. Not only this, but the average age of a typical American citizen has increased from 20 to 35.  


how did Hamilton's and Jefferson's different personal Styles affect the ways They carried out their feud


If you meant political style;
So Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist, actually he was the founder of the Federalist party. The ideas were more liberal. He was against slavery in all its forms.

Thomas Jefferson on the other hand was a Democratic- Republican, actually he was the founder of the Democratic-Republican party. His ideas were more conservative and he wasn’t against or for slavery, His ideas always remained neutral.

If you meant like actual style;

Hamilton was a very fashionable man, who often was seen wearing his glasses. His suits were tailored and usually dark colored, which was odd for a man of his financial standings. Often times people would make jokes that he was dressing like royalty, which wasn’t far off since it was almost identical to the clothing that George Washington had.

Thomas Jefferson was rather ill mannered when it came to fashion.

The carved figures of mycerinus and his queen, which probably stood along a long causeway, were created by what ancient civilization?


The carved figures of Mycerinus and his queen, were created by ancient Egyptians.

How did manors provide an economic foundation for feudalism


By operating as self-sufficient communities
By operating as self-sufficient communities

:) 100%

When delivering the opinion of the court, on what grounds does Justice Stanley Matthews argue that the rights of Yick Wo and other Chinese laundry owners have been violated?



Stanley Matthews and the court of justice concluded that its application violated the Equal Protection Clause. Thus, even if the law is impartial, "if it is applied and administered by the public authority with an evil eye and an uneven hand making unjust and illegal discrimination between people in similar circumstances, the denial of equal justice is still within the prohibition of the Constitution" . Thus, the Court concluded that the action represented "a practical denial by the State of this equal protection of the law" and, therefore, violated the rights of Yick Wo and other Chinese laundry owners.



(02.05 MC) The power of political machines declined during which period? (1 point)
Gilded Age
ne World
n the
O Progressive Era
Industrial Revolution


The power of political machines declined during the period of Progressive Era.

Answer: Option C


In U.S. political machines have dominated the politics for some time. They were party organisations managed by a single person called as boss or a small group of people. They were responsible for the administrative as well as political control over the city or county.

Citizens have condemned corruption in American urban policy. They implemented national and state reforms and tried to replace the local care system with civil servants. In the period of Theodore Roosevelt, the progressive era gathered millions of citizens who voted against machines. So, there was downfall in the power of these political machines.


Progressive Era


Identify each cause of the following of the French revolution as social political or economic



social|-> the division of French citizens into three estates

political|-> unequal representation of the third estate in the Estates General

economic|-> unequal tax burden between the estates


What were the effect of zhou metal workers mastering iron? Select all that apply


The correct answers are the following:

Answer B: Iron made stronger, more effective farm tools and increased crop yield.

Bronze was replaced by iron, and thanks to trade, it became more and more important among states within China. Some of the changes in agriculture included the use of the iron plough, which really expanded crop yields, leading to an explosion of population. Moreover, there were some large-scale works like Dujiangyan Irrigation System and the Zhengguo Canal, which also incremented agricultural production.

Answer C: Iron weapons spread to the masses, contributing to the Warring States period.

With the population explosion, the number of commoners got so high that it got out of the aristocracy's control. And iron technology produced a new generation of weapons, really cheaper and easier to make than the bronze weapons used by previous generations. At the same time that populations grew, wars started to take place between commoners against one another. Eventually, after the Warring States period, battles between huge armies were being fought on eastern China.

The effects of Zhou metal workers mastering iron were…

Option A: during the  Zhou dynasty, China was characterized by warfare, political and military reforms, but it was first unified during the Qin dynasty.

Option B: it is true that with the introduction of iron, China acquired stronger and more effective farm tools as well as increasing crop yield.

Option C: during the Zhou dynasty China not only developed iron technology but also improved technology of war making better weapons by means of smelted iron. As a result, iron weapons spread to the masses, contributing to the Warring States period.

Option D: it is also true that the Zhou jealously guarded the secret of smelting the iron and created a trading empire. The iron production encouraged trade and improved the empire economy.

Option E: Zhou craftsman are known for their iron art and it is still sold today. During the Zhou period, the craftsmanship had great importance for his skills for producing sophisticated iron weaponry.  

Option F: Iron helped the Zhou rulers so much that they reserved the Mandate of Heaven for themselves alone. It was a period of cultural and intellectual expansion during Zhou era and the iron helped rulers keep the control of the land .


Why did southern planters begin to use enslaved workers

im 6 th grade it ch 4 lesson 2


I'm glad that you are looking for answers.  Try looking at this website.  Read the section on Turn to Slavery.  It explains what the plantation owners did when the indentured servants started paying offer their contracts.  The owners tried to use Native Americans but that didn't work out.  Why?  Then they turned to slaves?  Why did the south need workers to help them out?
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