Identify the playwright--Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, or Aristophanes--described in the following statement. 2.

(1 pt)
Author of Prometheus Bound, he often tried to find reasons for laws in the universe.






Answer 1

The playwright who is the author of Prometheus Bound, and who tried to find reasons for laws in the universe is A. Aeschylus. Prometheus Bound is an ancient Greek tragedy that is based on the myth of Prometheus, a Titan who defying the gods gives fire to mankind. Aeschylus is often described as the father of tragedy.

Answer 2
Answer: The author of Prometheus Bound is Aeschylus. The play is about Prometheus, who is chained to a mountain due to his angering the gods when he gave fire to the human race.

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One scientific belief held by both René Descartes and Isaac Newton is that
(1) reasoned thought is the way to discover truth
(2) new theories should be made to fit existing
traditional ideas
(3) the method by which discoveries are made is
(4) difficult problems should be solved by reading
religious texts


One scientific belief held by both Rene Descartes and Isaac Newton is that the reasoned thought is the way to discover truth. 

Rene Descartes used deductive reasoning, deducing a conclusion from a set of premises, to determine the nature of the universe, that was contrary to other great thinkers of the time who used scientific observation.
Sir Isaac Newton; specialized in uniting experimental and theoretical elements of modern science. 
One scientific belief held by both René Descartes and Isaac Newton is that "(1) reasoned thought is the way to discover truth," since both of these men were progressive thinkers who challenged the religious status quo. 

Which of the following best describe similarities in reform between Catherine the great and peter the great


The similarities in the reform between Peter the Great and Catherine the Great are:
- western ideas are embraced and 
- they worked to improve the political and cultural life of the Russian in Europe.
This is the main reason why they became famous in their empire.
Both embraced western ideas and worked to bring Russians fully in European cultural and political life

Peter and Catherine were both leaders who reformed Russia.

Peter reformed Russia by expanding the land holdings of the country to include a warm-water port. He then moved the capital and built St. Petersburg to resemble the modern European countries of the time. Peter also reformed the military and required modern look and dress for the wealthy of the country.
Catherine reformed the country to bring in more say from the people. She brought in Enlightenment ideas allowing for aides to inform her decision making. Catherine also worked to end serfdom and expand Russia's industrial ability.

Why were the Coercive Acts also called the Intolerable Acts?



The Coercitive Acts were also called the Intolerable Acts because the colonists considered that both the taxes they imposed, and the treatment that the British government carried out on the colonies, could not be tolerated and should be faced.


The Intolerable Acts was the name that part of the inhabitants of the Thirteen Colonies gave to the five laws adopted by the British Parliament in 1774. The laws were mainly aimed at strengthening the role of Great Britain in the management of American colonies. Four of the five laws were in response to Boston Tea Party. Using these laws, the king and parliament intended to stop the growing resistance movement in the colonies. However, these measures only aggravated the situation, since the colonists considered them a despotic violation of their rights.

Britain hoped to isolate Massachusetts' radicals and force the colonies to recognize the supremacy of Parliament over local elected bodies. The risky move, however, turned against it. The severity of new laws pushed even moderate colonists, and there were fewer votes in favor of Parliament. On the contrary, sympathy for Massachusetts grew and prompted the previously isolated colonies to convene the First Continental Congress, and then to the formation of the Continental Association to boycott British goods, and if this does not help to abolish acts, then stop exporting to the UK. Finally, Congress announced the mutual support of the colonies, which in the future meant their joint actions during  the American Revolution.

They were meant to punish the Massachusetts colonists for their defiance in throwing a large tea shipment into Boston Harbor.

What happened in Britain after roman armies abandoned th area during the 400s


During the Middle Ages several groups invaded and settled in Europe, ... What happened in Britain after Roman armies abandoned the area in the 400s?

What were the main problems faced by the unions during the 1800s and how did they overcome them?


Although there were many problems faced by the unions in the United States during this time, a major one was a lack of bargaining power. This changed as they recruited more people.

Supporters of the abolitionist movement were divided over A. Whether slavery should be ended in the United States

B. Which enslaved African Americans should be freed

C. How great a role women should be allowed to take in the movement

D. Whether they should urge people to take a pledge to practice abstinence


The answer is: How great a role women should be allowed to take in the movement (C). 

Which of the following was an American weakness during the Revolutionary War? A) Americans were not used to wilderness warfare.

B) Americans faced hostile farmers in the countryside.

C) Because of low pay, many men only enlisted for three months.

D) There were too many hired soldiers fighting for the Patriots.


C: Because of low pay, many men only enlisted for three months. I hope this helps :)

Your answer is C! :)

Why was John Hancock’s signature on the Declaration important?


It wasn't

While many stories have popped up trying to explain why his signature was so big, such as Hancock's desire to have the signature be big enough for the King to read it, etc. these are all fake stories and no one knows why it was so big.

While he was President of the Congress, it does not explain the size of his signature.

His signature was important because he was president of congress when the Declaration of Independence was adopted and signed. hope this helps:)

Would it take you longer to drive across state (east to west) or to drive down the state (north to south)


It whould depend on the state but north to south is equally distant to one another on the compass it whould all depend on the state
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