Write each of these statements as a question. Alex is tried ...............................................................?
They are early ..............................................................?
You are busy ...............................................................?

Please help my no unerstand.


Answer 1
Answer: Is Alex tired?
Are they early?
Are you busy?

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Which is a fused sentence? A.) i love autumn it is my favorite season.
B.) the autumn leaves turn and creat a blaze of beautiful colors.
C.) i want autumn to last forever so that winter never comes.
D.) fall is the season when the weather becoes chilly and the winds begin to blow.


I think its c ,i dont know for sure.

How are the poems “The Bridegroom” and “Danny Deever” alike?


To tell a romantic story, they use dialogues.


They both use dialogue to tell a dramatic story.


Got it correct on test


What I can do to promote Americanism and love of country


Help the poor people in you country that you see every day that need help.
respect people in your country.
salute your countrys flag.
serve your country.
teach other how to love your country.
tell other how to love your country.
( I love my country, BANGLADESH where i had live before.) i also love america where i live now.)
hope it help you
thank you

All of these are examples of the pigs believing they are “more equal than others” except a)Snowball trying to teach the other animals to read.
b)Napoleon drinking the cows’ milk.
c)No one but the pigs putting forth any resolutions at the meetings.
d)The pigs directing and supervising the work on the farm.
e)None of the above


Almost all the choices shows the superiority of the pigs over other animals except letter A. By drinking the cows' milk it shows that Napoleon are unlike other animals which are deprived to taste cow's milk and just satisfies themselves of other ordinary food and beverage like water. Then the pigs depict themselves as leaders and politicians that have higher knowledge and wisdom over the others by being like lawyers and taking charge. However, letter A is the opposite because by Snowball's choice to teach, he wants to educate other animals and let them be their own king. 

As a part of their argument in the dissent, what document do justicies often criticize? A. The majority opinion
B. Relevant precedents
C. The bill of rights
D. The constitution


The answer would be A.

Which of the following terms describes a flash of self-awareness or awareness of the true nature of an environment? A.epiphany
C.a priori


An epiphany is a sudden realization or understanding of something. A person that has an epiphany suddenly has a perception of the essence or meaning of something and becomes aware of it. This meaning of epiphany implies a fast action which is also implied in the word flash. Therefore, the correct term to describe a flash of self-awareness or awareness of the true nature of an environment is A: epiphany.

A or D i think its mostly A

Which lines in this excerpt from William Cullen Bryant's "Thanatopsis" best indicate the theme of the poem? A. So live, that when thy summons comes to join
The innumerable caravan
B. To that mysterious realm, where each shall take
His chamber in the silent halls of death,
C. Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night,
Scourged to his dungeon,
D. sustained and soothed
By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave,
E. lies down to pleasant dreams.


The correct answer is letter B: "to that mysterious realm, where each shall take, His chamber in the silent halls of death" .

Thanaptopsis  which translates "view of death" from Greek, is a poem which has as main theme the description of natural and metaphysical considerations of human death.

Throughout the poem, the writer describes the afterworld by giving voice to nature, where all life starts and ends, e.g. "Earth, that nourished thee, shall claim , thy growth, to be resolved to earth again"; and regarding the sun, moon, the planets and the great hosts of heaven as "solemn decorations all of the great tomb of man", among others.


Option C.


"Thanatopsis" is the poem written by William Cullen Byrant. The word "Thanatopsis" is the combination of two words, 'thanatos' meaning death; and 'opsis' meaning view or sight.

The poem is about the 'sight/view of death'. But poem is a bit optimistic in its view of death.

The theme of the poem is "to overcome the fear of death".

Lines 77-78 of the poem indicate this theme, which are mentioned in option C.

In these lines, the poet is asking his readers not to take death or approach death as a slave, but rather trust that whatever is happening to us is for our good. We should not act as if someone is 'scourging' or 'whipping' us into a prison (dungeon). And in these lines we get the glimpse of the theme of the poem of overcoming the fear of death.


How do errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation effect relationships between the writer and reader of a essay?


If you don't put quotation marks readers wont know the characters are talking to each other, I can affect how the reader reads the essay. Or when you don't put a period the sentence wont sound right, It can also affect how they read it. With grammar and spelling, if the word isn't spelled right then the reader can read the story wrong.   

In some cases it can even set a different tone! Lets say in the book flowers for Algernon they showed his intelligence decrease and increase by using bad grammer to excellent grammer!


Olivia's Playland is a state-of-art entertainment center that integrates technology with active play to stimulate the imaginations of children ages 2 through 12 come check out our multilevel climbing structure and kid controlled light and sound room kids will love the clean safe environment as well as the selection of coffee teas and snacks available for purchase we look forward to your first visits olivia playland who is the target audience for this example

A. Employees of Olivia playland

B. children visiting olivia playland

C. new costomers of olivia playland

D. businesses around olivia playland


The target audience is new costomers of olivia playland (C)

Parents will bring their kids to this new place, lured by the attractive of technology and active play, as they always want to stimulate their imagination further.

The pros of this place are controlled lights and sound rooms for kids. The advantage for parents are the selection of coffees, teas and snaks to be purchased while the kids are at play in a safe enviroment.

The answer is C. New costomers of olivia playland (apex)

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