A bowling ball weighs 5.61 kg, and a bowling pin weighs 1.57 kg. About how many bowling pins would equal the weight of the bowling ball?


Answer 1
Answer: 3 bowling pins would be equal to the weight of the bowling ball.

You find the answer by dividing the amount that a bowling ball weighs (5.61 kg) by the amount that a bowling pin weighs (1.57 kg) which would give you 3 remainder 57 .. So it's 3.

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Angle A and B are supplementary. Angle a has a measure of 80. What is the measure of angle B? The measure of angle B is


Well when two angles are supplementary they equal 180.
So if angle A is 80 degrees then that would mean that angle B equals 100 degrees. 

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The answer is 100  

Step-by-step explanation: Just Finished the test Iono y the dude on top made it complicated just put 100


Given: g(x) = √ x− 3 and ℎ(x) = 2x − 7. a) What are the restrictions on the domain of g° ℎ? Show your work for full credit.

xx ≥ _____________

b) What is g(ℎ(13))? Simplify your answer in lowest terms. Show your work for full credit



Restrictions on the domain: x>=5

g(h(13)) = ±4

Step-by-step explanation:

g° ℎ is the composite function

We stick the function h in for x in the function g

g(x) = sqrt(x-3)

h(x) = 2x-7)

g(h(x)) = sqrt( 2x-7 -3)

g(h(x)) = sqrt( 2x-10)

The restrictions on the domain , or the allowed values of x

sqrt (2x-10) >= 0

Square each side

2x-10 >= 0

2x>= 10

Divide by 2


Let x=13

g(h(13)) = sqrt( 2*13-10)





Tara is researching the stork population living in a bird reserve. On her first day, she captures and tags 41 birds. Two weeks later, she captures 57 birds and finds that 48 are not tagged. Estimate the actual number of storks in the bird reserve


A) 107B) 260C) 472D) 882
The answer would be 67...


Please help answer this please Innes is starting a wedding photography business. She initially spent $659 on one-time expenses like camera equipment and editing software and then she will spend $69 per wedding to print photographs after each photo shoot. She will charge $90 per wedding photo shoot.

Innes wants to know how many weddings she must photograph in order to make a profit, so she writes the following inequality:

90n < 659 + 69n, where n = the number of weddings she photographs

Innes’ equation is not correct. In the space below identify and explain her error in 1-3 complete sentences.



The inequality symbol in the given inequality is backwards. It should be: ">"

Step-by-step explanation:

Innes wants her net earnings per photo shot to be larger than her initial expenditure of $659, so this number (659) should be on the angle side of the inequality symbol. Then, her net earnings are: 90n - 69n (because she charges $90 per photo shot but will always have $69 expenses per photo shot. Therefore she wants her net income of 90n - 69n to be larger than the initial investments of $659:

90n - 69n > 659, which can also be written as: 90n > 659 +69n

Notice the inequality symbol goes opposite to the inequality presented in the question.


What is the quotient of 13 divided by 4 as a fraction or a mixed number


13 divided by 4 as a mixed number: 3 and 1/4
As an improper fraction: 13/4

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What measurement is equal to 20 liters in milliliters?




20x1000=20000 milliliters

Step-by-step explanation:

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one half of the birds at a pet store are yellow. tara buys one of the yellow birds. then one third of the birds are the store are yellow. how many yellow birds were at the pet store before tara bought one?


3 birds bc 3 is half of 6 and 2 out of 6 is one third

Increase 44 by 10% ?



Indicate whether classical, empirical, or subjectiveprobability should be used to determine each of the following: (a) the probability that the baseball player Ryan Howard will hit a home run during his next at bat.
(b) the probability of drawing a jack from a deck of cards.
(c) the probability that the price of gasoline will exceed $4.00 per gallon next summer.



Indicate whether classical, empirical, or subjective probability should be used to determine each of the following probabilities.

Step-by-step explanation:

a)  The probability that a certain model will win the beauty contest

is an example of which type of probability?

B - Classical  

b) "The probability that next card in the deck will be black" is an example of which type of probability?


B- Classical

c) "The probability that there will be at least 16 tropical storms this  summer" is an example of which type of probability?


d)  "There is a 0.30 probability of randomly selecting a student who has a part- time job " is an example of which type of probability?

A- Subjective

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