How do you write 7 3/8 as a decimal


Answer 1
Answer: The 7 is ur whole it goes on the left of the decimal.
3/8 = 0.375....and it is a fraction that when turned to a decimal, goes on the right.

so 7 3/8 = 7.375 in decimal form

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The average age for licensed drivers in a certain county is 42.6 years with a standard deviation of 12.2 years. A researcher obtained a sample of 25 drivers who received parking tickets and computed the average age of these drivers. Which test should he use to determine if the average age of the drivers who received parking tickets is different than the average age of the entire county?



Which lake has a surface area that is 14938 square miles greater than the surface area of Lake Ontario draw a model and write a number sentence to show the



John cut 312 feet of tape. How much is this in inches?


3,744 inches. You would multiply 312 and 12, since there is 12 inches in a foot, to get 3,744 inches.

Hope this helped! :)


A bus company wants to use the data to show how long completing a bus route takes so that it can create a bus schedule. Which measure would be best for this purpose?

Time to Complete Route 31 31 31 33 31 32 32 60 31 32 33






Bus company wants to use data to show how long a bus takes to complete the route:

The data set of the time taken to complete the route is given as follows:

31 31 31 33 31 32  32  60  31  32  33

Median: Median is the mid value of the data set when the data is arranged in the order from lowest to greatest. Mid value can help us create a bus schedule. Here in our case mean of the data set is 34.17 and there is another element in the data set that is 60 which is way beyond the average value.

Mean: Mean or the average is obtained by summing up all the values and dividing that by number of values in the data set. It can tell us how much time does the bus take on an average to complete the route and it can help up to create a bus schedule but in this case there are values which are way beyond the mean, therefore it is a little hard to consider mean to design a bus schedule.

Minimum: Minimum of a data set can not help us to create a bus schedule.

Range: Range is defined by the difference between the maximum and the minimum value of a data set, it can not help us to figure out how much time on an average does a bus take to complete its route.

So, in this case median can help us create a bus schedule.


19. What are the coordinates of the midpoint of the segment with endpoints at (-3, 9) and
(10, 18)?



Step-by-step explanation:

The formula of a midpoint of a segment AB with endpoints at A(x₁, y₁) and B(x₂, y₂):

We have the points (-3, 9) and (10, 18).



Write the product as the product of a whole number and a unit fraction. Please help and explain? 1.) 2 × 3/6 = ? 2.) 3 × 2/8 = ?


1.) 2x3/6=1 because 2x3 is six so when you put it over six it becomes one whole.2.)3x2/8=6/8 simplified it equals 3/4 because 3x2 is six so when you put it over eight you get 6/8 when you simply by 2 you get 3/4

8/n = 33/45 what is n value


8/n = 33/45

cross multiply

33n = 8 * 45

33n = 360

  n = 45

if its not 45 try 120/11


Let A be a non-empty set of rational numbers and B = {a+1 : a ∈ A} (sometimes denotes A + 1). Prove carefully that sup(B) = sup(A) + 1.



a is an element of A; a is a rational number

(a+1) is element of B

Step-by-step explanation:

(a+1) = sup(A), which are the elements of B.

(a+1) + 1 = sup(B)

Recall a+1 = sup(A),


sup(A )+ 1 = sup(B)

sup(B) = sup(A) + 1 ___proved

Sup(A) means supremum of set A. It means least element of another set (say set B), that is greater than every element in set A


The probability that an event will occur is 3 over 4. Which of the following best describes the likelihood of the event occurring?


There is a 75 percent chance the event will occur



Step-by-step explanation:

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