A square has an area that is less than 100m^2. What is a reasonable range for the graph of the square side? A. 0< y < 100
B. 0< y < 50
C. 0 < y < 25
D. 0 < y< 10


Answer 1
Answer: The answer is D.

The area of the square is calculated by s^2, which is represented by less than 100 square meters. The resulting side of the square is consequently less than 10m.  

0 < y < 10 would be the best fit.

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Answer 2


the answer is 4

Step-by-step explanation:

it's not A, B, C, or D!.

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2 FUILS Amber is an American teaching English in China, and she currently has 35,000
yuan in her bank account. If the exchange rate changes from 1 U.S. dollar =
6.83 Chinese yuan to 1 U.S. dollar = 6.96 Chinese yuan, what happens to the
value in U.S. dollars of the money in Amber's bank account?
A. It increases by $4550.00.
B. It decreases by $4550.00.
c. It decreases by $95.71.
D. It increases by $95.71.
What’s the answer


Amount in Amber's bank account will decreases by $95.71.

What is exchange rate?

" Exchange rate is defined as the rate of one currency using which it can be converted to the other currency."

According to the question,

Amount in Amber's bank account  = 35,000 yuan

Old exchange rate  

1U.S dollar = 6.83 Chinese yuan

Value of Amber's amount in dollar = (35,000/ 6.83)

                                                         = 5124.45 U.S. dollar

New exchange rate  

1U.S dollar = 6.96 Chinese yuan

Value of Amber's amount in dollar = (35,000/ 6.96)

                                                         = 5028.74 U.S. dollar

Value  of money as per 6.83yuan > Value  of money as per 6.96yuan.

Therefore, amount decreases in the account.

Difference in amount = 5124.45 - 5028.74

                                   = $ 95.71

Hence, Amount in Amber's bank account will decreases by $95.71.

Learn more about exchange rate here




Step-by-step explanation:


if a square + b square + c square minus ab minus bc minus ca equals to zero, prove that A equals to B equal to C


A^2 + b^2 + c^2  - ab - bc - ca = 0
a.a + b.b + c.c = a.b + b.c + c.a

equating  term by term:- 
a = b
b = c 
c = a

Therefore a = b = c 

The combined average weight of an okapi and a llama is 450450450 kilograms. The average weight of 333 llamas is 190190190 kilograms more than the average weight of one okapi. On average, how much does an okapi weigh, and how much does a llama weigh?


First of all, lets consider that you made a litte mistake and you meant this problem.........

"The combined average weight of an okapi and a llama is 450 kilograms. The average weight of 3 llamas is 190 kilograms more than the average weight of one okapi. On average, how much does an okapi weigh, and how much does a llama weigh?"

This is a system of two equations.

Let it be X the average weight of a LLAMA
And Y the average weight of an OKAPI

X + Y = 450 kg   1)
3X = 190 kg +Y   2)

So, with 1) we have that  Y = 450 - X
We subsitute in 2) and we have 

3X = 190 + (450 -X).............We solve for X ....==> 4X = 640kg ==> X = 160kg

..We replace X in 1 and get => Y = 450kg -X = 450kg -160kg = 290kg

160kg....... average weight of a LLAMA
290kg........average weight of an OKAPI




Step-by-step explanation:

other answer was switched and this is khan academy's answer


mr garcia buys 48 flowers.he puts 6 flowers in each vase.if he sells each vase for 2 dollars how much money does he earn


Mr. Garcia will earn $16 by selling the vase.

What is Unitary Method?

The unitary technique involves first determining the value of a single unit, followed by the value of the necessary number of units.

For example, Let's say Ram spends 36 Rs. for a dozen (12) bananas.

12 bananas will set you back 36 Rs. 1 banana costs 36 x 12 = 3 Rupees.

As a result, one banana costs three rupees. Let's say we need to calculate the price of 15 bananas.

This may be done as follows: 15 bananas cost 3 rupees each; 15 units cost 45 rupees.


Number of flowers= 48

Number of flowers in each vase = 6

So, number of vase can be made

= 48/6

= 8 vases

Now, if each vase cost $2 then cost 8 vase

= 8 x 2

= $16.

Learn more about Unitary Method here:


First, you have to do 48/6. Which should give you 8. Now, since he brought 48 flowers and put 6 in each vase, there'll be 8 cases. So, you take the number of cases and multiply it by $2. Which will give you 16. So therefore, Mr.Garcia made a profit of $16!

Which solid figure has six vertices? A: Rectangular Prism
B: Square Pyramid
C: Triangular Prism
D: Hexagonal Pyramid


C is the answer. Think of a triangle base with another triangle of the same shape above it with lines connect the three vertices of the bottom triangle to its corresponding vertices on the triangle up top.


7 years later and im using it

Step-by-step explanation:


What is 3X-6>8 how do we solve this


The > sign is a greater/less sign you sure you got the question right?

There are 60 treats. he is allowed 2 treats a day. how many treats will he have left after 10 days?


2 x 10=20 60-20=40. 40 treats left

How many solutions does the linear system 3×+5y=8 and 3×+5y=1have ​



No solution

Step-by-step explanation:

When put in a graphing calculator, the lines are parallel and will never intersect, therefore there is no solution.


How many times does 4 go into 30


The answer is 7 times 4 goes into 30.

Step-by-step explanation:

  • To check how many times a number goes into a larger number, use division.
  • Divide 30 by 4.

⇒ 47 = 28 and 30-28 = 2

⇒ The quotient is 7.

⇒ The remainder is 2.

So, the number 4 goes 7 times into 30.

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