What is an extraneous solution to the equation b/b-3 -5/b=3/b-3 ? b = 5

b = -5

b = -3

b = 3


Answer 1

To check: 3/3-3 - 5/3 = 3/0 - 5/3 which is not defined.

Therefore, b = 3 is an extraneous solution.
Answer 2

Answer:B= 3

Step-by-step explanation:

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A school is hosting a carnival for a fundraiser. Carnival tickets for children (C) cost 3$ and carnival tickets for adults (A) cost 6$. On the first day, the school sold a total of 30 tickets and raised $123 in total.



There was 19 children and 11 adult tickets sold

Step-by-step explanation:

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What is 8/2(2+2)
It’s one right?
If it’s not I’ll Be disappointed in humanity




Step-by-step explanation:

8 / 2  * (2 + 2)

4 * (2 + 2)

4 * 4


Step-by-step explanation:

PEMDAS is ( Thank you google )

" PEMDAS is an acronym for the words parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. Given two or more operations in a single expression, the order of the letters in PEMDAS tells you what to calculate first, second, third and so on, until the calculation is complete."

First, 2 + 2 = 4

Second, 8 divided by 2 is 4.

Third, 4x4= 16

Therefore, the answer is 16.


Triangle inequality theorem-are the lengths 7, 4, and 2 of a triangle possible?


You can't make a triangle with those lengths for sides.

The way I look at it is like this:

-- Take  2  sticks ... lengths  4  and  2  ... and connect them together at one end.

-- The farthest they can reach, if they're opened up completely and pointing
in opposite directions, is a distance of  6 .

-- They can't reach the ends of a stick that is  7  long.  So you can't make
a triangle with those  3  sticks.



Step-by-step explanation:


Pythagorean Theorem


The smallest numbers are A and B.



This is not true, but we know that its OK because the answer is greater than the equation.


A bicycle wheel with radius 26" rotates through an arc that measures 80°. What is the length of the arc of the tire that touched the ground?



The quotient of y and -25 is -100. what is the value of y?


The value of y would be 2500. Thanks! Have a nice day!

What is the solution to the system of equations? 2x-3y+z=-19

A. (2,-6,-11)
B. (-2,6,3)
C. (6,2,-25)
D. (-2,6,9)



B. (-2,6,3)

Step-by-step explanation:

First we will cancel the z-variable in the first two equations.  We will do this by adding the second equation to the first:

Next we cancel the z-variable in the bottom two equations.  We will do this by subtracting the bottom equation from the middle one:

We can now take these equations without z as a system:

We will make the coefficients of y the same by multiplying the top equation by 5 and the bottom by 2:

Next we subtract the bottom equation from the top:

Divide both sides by 23:

23x/23 = -46/23

x = -2

Substitute this into the first equation without z:

7(-2)-2y = -26

-14-2y = -26

Add 14 to each side:

-14-2y+14 = -26+14

-2y = -12

Divide both sides by -2:

-2y/-2 = -12/-2

y = 6

Substitute both x and y into our first original equation:

2(-2)-3(6)+z = -19

-4-18+z = -19

-22+z = -19

Add 22 to each side:

-22+z+22 = -19+22

z = 3

that answer is B because first u have to solve for Z in 2x-3y+Z=19

Z will be Z=-19-2x+3y


Parametric Equations? How do you do them? I don't even know how to graph them and its so confusing because all the equations I put in say they're not written correctly???



A rectangular equation, or an equation in rectangular form is an equation composed of variables like x and y which can be graphed on a regular Cartesian plane.

Parametric equations are a set of equations that express a set of quantities as explicit functions of a number of independent variables, known as "parameters." For example, while the equation of a circle in Cartesian coordinates can be given by r^2=x^2+y^2, one set of parametric equations for the circle are given by

x=r cost

y=r sin

Note that parametric representations are generally nonunique, so the same quantities may be expressed by a number of different parameterizations. A single parameter is usually represented with the parameter t, while the symbols  u and v are commonly used for parametric equations in two parameters.Parametric equations provide a convenient way to represent curves and surfaces, as implemented, for example, in the Wolfram Language commands ParametricPlot[{x, y}, {t, t1, t2}] and ParametricPlot3D[{x, y, z}, {u, u1, u2}, {v, v1, v2}]. Unsurprisingly, curves and surfaces obtained by way of parametric equation representations are known as parametric curves and parametric surfaces, respectively.

Also if you dont know how to graph them you can Use DESMOS graphing calculator


What is the height of cylinder with a surface area of 226.08 square meters and a radius of 3 meters? (Use 3.14 for .)


The height would equal 8.99 meters

A marketing consultant was in the process of studying the perceptions of married couples concerning their weekly food expenditures. He believed that the husband’s perception would be higher than the wife’s. To judge his belief, he takes a random sample of ten married couples and asks each spouse to estimate the family food expenditure (in dollars) during the previous week. If the test statistic t = 2.776, with a degrees of freedom = 9, what can we conclude at α = .05?



We have sufficient evidence to conclude at α = .05 that the husband’s perception would be higher than the wife’s.

Step-by-step explanation:

The hypotheses testing procedure in the given scenario is

H0: Husband’s perception would be similar to the wife’s i.e. μh=μw

Ha: Husband’s perception would be higher than the wife’s i.e. μh>μw

Level of significance: α=0.05

Test statistic: t=2.776

Critical region: t>t(0.05,9)=1.833

Conclusion: As the calculated value of t lies in critical region, so we reject our null hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. Thus, we have sufficient evidence to conclude at α = .05 that the husband’s perception would be higher than the wife’s.

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