John works for Texas Instruments. His tasks involve traveling to nearby colleges, interviewing students for hire after graduation, selecting certain ones to be invited for an office visit, and acquainting them with the facilities. He is in which phase of the HRM process?a. Maintaining a certain level of human resources b. Developing and training human resources c. Human resources planning d. Orientation and employee relations e. Acquiring human resources


Answer 1


what ok


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1. Leaves of a plant manage water movement in and out of the plant using _____. guard cells
all of the above
2. Ferns have roots, stems, and leaves just like seed plants. Why are they classified separately?
Their leaves are compound and feathery.
They produce cones to reproduce.
Their roots are only shallow rhizomes.
They produce spores instead of seeds.
3. The first plants to grow in new environments are usually ____.
ferns and horsetails
liverworts and mosses
mosses and ferns,


Question 1: Cuticle
Reason: Primary function of plant is cuticle is to act a barrier to prevent evaporation of water from the leave surface(epidermal surface) and also preventing water from entering the tissues.

Question 2: Answer is D
Reason: Ferns belongs to a group of plants that do not produce seeds, but reproduce by means of spores, produced in a capsule called sori

Question 3: Answer is Mosses and ferns
Reason: the earliest plant form spore producing plants which include the bryophytes(mosses) and ferns.

1- Transportation of water in and out of leaf cells is controlled by stomata.

2- Ferns are classified in a different category because unlike plants they do not produce seeds. The reproduction is carried out by spores in ferns.

3- The earliest plants on earth were spores producing plants which includes ferns and mosses.


Based on the data given, in what direction will the car accelerate? A. toward the left B. toward the right C. upward D. downward


As long as this is the same question asked previously, the car will move towards the right, because the forces pushing it in that direction are greater in total than the other forces.
Based on the data given, a car could move B) Toward the right. 

Although you don't have the data. But I remember this from school.

What causes the Inner Core to remain a solid? Temperature



The magnetic field created by the rotation of the liquid core outside it





The inner core is solid because it is made of very dense, or heavy, materials - like iron and nickel. Even though it is very hot, these materials don't "melt" very easily, so they stay solid.


Ms. Green's biology students were studying cellular respiration. One simple organism, yeast, can be used to test the rate of fermentation using different variables. Each group mixed 2 grams of yeast with warm water and placed the mixture into one of five test tubes. The variables can be seen on the graph of student data. Test tube five held only yeast and warm water. The groups used the height of the carbon dioxide bubbles produced in a test tube to determine which group had the highest rate of fermentation. Based on the data collected, what must be added to the yeast in the test tube in order to facilitate fermentation?


I believe the answer is D) a food source

a food source

Both glucose and sucrose are sugars, a food source. The test tubes with boiled water and just water showed no fermentation taking place. The boiling killed the yeast; plain water had no food present.


The newly-synthesized strand of DNA has exactly the same base sequence as that of its template strand.A) TrueB) False






Complete each statement with the correct term from the drop-down menu. Many molecules are moved through the body by _________ .
_________ provide structure for plants.
_________ determine what people look like.
Cells are surrounded and protected by __________ .
_________ speed up chemical reactions in the body.
Hemoglobin, a protein, is built by _________ .
The human body is insulated by ________ .
The choices are Carbohydrate, Proteins, Lipids, Nucleic acids



The correct options would be:

1. Many molecules are moved through the body by proteins.

Molecules are transported throughout the body through special types of proteins that are known as transport proteins. These proteins are known as carrier proteins, and assist the movement of large molecules across membranes (which cannot otherwise diffuse through it).

2. Carbohydrates provide structures for plants.

Cellulose, hemi-cellulose, and pectin (not lignin) are polysaccharides that compose the cell wall that is the outermost layer in plant cells. The cell wall determines the structures that make up a plant, and these are predominantly carbohydrates (polysaccharides).

3. Nucleic acids determine what people look like.

Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, is the molecule that determines the phenotype of an individual. This DNA molecule is essentially comprised of nucleic acids and a deoxyribose sugars linked through phosphate bonds. Three nucleic acid encodes for a gene, and each gene is particular for a specific characteristics. So it would be right to say nucleic acids determine what people look like.

4. Cells are surrounded and protected by lipids.

The surrounding layer that protects the cell and is responsible for holding it together is the cell membrane. The cell membrane is essentially a partially permeable membrane that is composed of two lipid layers -better known as a lipid bilayer.

5. Proteins speed up the chemical reactions in a body.

Enzymes are the biological catalysts for the chemical reactions that take place in the body. These are protein in nature, and they can influence a rate of a reaction by lowering the activation energy, or the energy needed for the reaction to begin.

6. Hemoglobin is a protein that is built by proteins.

Hemoglobin is a proteins that serves to transport oxygen around the body. It has a Quaternary structure -meaning that involves protein subunits (2 alpha and 2 beta globin protein chains in hemoglobin) coiled into a multi-subunit protein complex.

7. The human body is insulated by lipids.

Lipids play different roles throughout the body. Though the immediate function of lipids is to provide energy to the body, they also function as an energy reserve for the body and are stored in the adipose tissue, found beneath the skin. This lipid layer can act as an insulating layer for the body, protecting excessive heat loss.

Hope this helps!

Many molecules are moved through the body by=PROTEINS, CARBOHYDRATES=provide structure for plants, NUCLEIC ACIDS=determine what people look like, Cells are surrounded and protected by=LIPIDS, PROTEINS=speed up chemical reactions in the body, Hemoglobin, a protein, is built by=NUCLEIC ACIDS,The human body is insulated by=LIPIDS


Which of the following statements is true? A. Squamous cells are cylindrical in shape. B. Cuboidal cells are cube shaped. C. Columnar cells are flat in shape. D. All of the statements are true.



The correct answer would be B. Cuboidal cells are cube-shaped.

The cells of the cuboidal epithelium are a cube in shape that is, the height and width of the cells are almost the same in length.

This epithelium is mainly found in the organs which are specialized for absorption and secretion such as thyroid follicles, salivary glands, kidney tubules, the lining of nephrons et cetera.

In addition, the squamous cells are flat and scale-like in shape and columnar cells are tall and cylindrical in shape.


Describe what happens in the nervous system when you duck your head to avoid an object flying toward it. 2. what protects the brain and spinal cord from injuries? 3. what does the cerebrum control? 4. name the lobes of the cerebral cortex, and identify a function of each lobe. 5. how does the brain control the endocrine system? critical thinking questions 1. explain how the case of phineas gage influenced the development of psychology. 2. give examples of activities or processes that are controlled by the somatic nervous system. 3. an elderly person suffered from a stroke that damaged part of his brain. he can speak easily, but his sentences make no sense. explain which area of his brain was most likely damaged. 4. assume that a pet scan was made of the brain of a person speaking and of the brain of a person smelling a flower. describe how you would expect the pet scan of each person's brain to look. 5. why is a home heating system a good model for the way that the thyroid gland is controlled by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus? describe how each system is controlled.


The bone protect everything from injuries

How could researcher on how genes control traits in orchids benefit our understanding of the human genome


All life encoded by DNA. In higher life such as plants and animals, they have chromosomes on which there are genes that code for proteins that are responsible for the traits of the organisms. The mechanism of central dogma in all organism is generally the same hence learning the concept on orchids will also contribute to the understanding of the human genome.


It can help us understand the changes and traits that appear in our own genome, and how we change to the genome over the course of evolution can create new traits. It can also help us better understand our genetic link to other species because all life on Earth evolved from early life forms billions of years ago.

Explanation: Edmentum

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