I will give brainliest What is the probability of the spinner landing on an odd number? 1/4 1/3 1/2 3/4


Answer 1


Step-by-step explanation:I can tell by the picture of the spinner you have included

Answer 2


probly low

Step-by-step explanation:

m=y brain

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Give an example of a real-world situation that could be represented by an algebraic expression


Gas is $2.53⁹ per gallon today, at that filling station
down the street from my house.
I have $10 in my pocket.

a). How much gas can I put in the car if I go there ?

b). My car gets 25 miles per gallon.  How many 'miles' will my $10 buy ?

c). In Calgary (Alberta, Canada) today, gas is selling for
89¢ (Canadian) per liter.  What is the percentage more or less,
compared to the price of gas down the street from my house ?

If I posted this problem on Brainly, I'd probably give it
something like 5 points for part-a, another 5 for part-b,
and 10 or 15 for part-c because in addition to math,
that part takes some research.


The ammunition storage room has 10 feet between the floor and the ceiling. Each box of ammunition is 10 feet tall. Each crate of 5.56mm is 12 inches tall. What is the maximun number of crates that can be stacked within regulations?



the maximum number of crates that can be stacked between the floor and ceiling

where 1 foot  = 12 inches. SO the answer is that a maximum of 10 crates can be stacked from floor to ceiling.

Step-by-step explanation:

i) the maximum number of crates that can be stacked between the floor and ceiling

where 1 foot  = 12 inches


Solve the inequality. Write the solution in set-builder notation. -4x-17 ( greater than equal sign) - 41
The solutions are given by (xl __)
(Type an inequality. use intergers or fractions for any numbers in the expressiom)


-4x - 17 ≥ -41
       +17   +17
        -4x ≥ -24
         -4       -4
           x ≥ 6

Solve equation algebraically 3 root x-2x=-5



The value of x is - 1 , - 6.25

Step-by-step explanation:

Given linear equation as :

3 - 2 x = - 5

Rearranging the equation

3 = 2 x - 5

Taking square both side

= (2 x - 5)²

Or, 9 x = 4 x² - 20 x + 25                    [ from (a + b)² = a² + 2ab + b² ]

Or,  4 x² - 20 x - 9 x + 25 = 0

Or, 4 x² - 29 x + 25 = 0      

The equation is in the form of quadratic equation i.e a x² + b x + c = 0      

So, x =

Or, x =

Or, x =

Or, x =

Or, x = ,

Or, x = - 1 , - 6.25

So, The value s of x = - 1 , - 6.25

Hence, The value of x is - 1 , - 6.25 Answer


During a scuba dive, Lainey descended to a point 20 feet below the ocean surface. She continued her descent at a rate of 20 feet per minute. Write an inequality you could solve to find the number of minutes she can continue to descend if she does not want to reach a point more than 100 feet below the ocean surface.



We know that she first descends 20 feet, and then she descends at a rate of 20 feet per minute. Basically, we have 20 feet which have to me summed with 20x, which expresses the ratio per minute, where x is minutes, and these terms cannot be more than 100 feet, so there are equal or less than 100 feet,

The expression would be:

If we solve this, we have

Therefore, she cannot descent for more than 4 minutes.

She can descend five minutes so that should help

The number of people signed up for a bus trip increased from 32 to 45. What is the percent increase? Round to the nearest percent.


Percent increase in signed is 40.625 %

Given that:

Old number of people signed = 32

Total people new signed = 45


Percent increase in signed


Total number of increase = 45 - 32

Total number of increase = 13

Percent increase in signed = [13/32]100

Percent increase in signed = [13]3.125

Percent increase in signed = 40.625 %

Learn more:

To calculate the percentage increase: First: work out the difference (increase) between the two numbers you are comparing. Then: divide the increase by the original number and multiply the answer by 100.

45-32 = 13 / 32 *100= 40.625 round to the nearest percent is 41%

A square Banner has an area of 20 square feet. To the nearest tenth of a foot what is the length of one side of the banner ?


Just take the square root of 20! 

= 4.5



Step-by-step explanation:


Alicia will not go outside unless the temperature is above -2°F. The situation can be modeled by the inequality t > -2. Which value is a solution of the inequality? A. 0 degrees

B.-2 degrees

C.-4 degrees

D.-3 degrees

The answer is A


The answer is A.....
A would be your answer

Half of a liter is equal to 16. 91 ounces. how many ounces are there in 3 liters?


Let, liter =l & Ounces =O

l/2 = 16.91O

l = 33.82O

Multiply both sides by 3,

3l = 101.46O

So, there are 101.46 Ounces in a liter.

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