An organisms with backbone


Answer 1

Answer: Some examples of vertebrates are mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles, amphibians etc


The backbone  is made up of bones known as the vertebrae and the animals that have a backbone are called vertebrates.

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Which sentence is punctuated correctly? “Did you bring anything for the volunteers to eat?” asked Jack.

“Did you bring anything for the volunteers to eat” asked Jack?

“Did you bring anything for the volunteers to eat”? asked Jack.


Answer: "Did you bring anything for the volunteers to eat?" asked Jack.

Explanation: The question mark is part of the dialogue, not the narration, therefore it should be included inside the quotation marks, not outside. Placing the question mark at the very end as in the second option is not only absurd, but it also leaves the interrogative structure "Did you bring" without its necessary question mark.

The answer is the first one: "Did you bring anything for the volunteers to eat?" asked Jack.

Solve the system of equations algebraically. Verify your answer using the graph. y = 4x – 5 y = –3




Which sentence suggests the author feels Professor Hodous’s work gives Christian readers insight into Buddhist beliefs and practices?


Can you please show us the sentences?


The answer is B, "No other available writer on the subject has gone so far as he in reproducing the actual thinking of a trained Buddhist mind in regard to the fundamentals of religion."


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Poem: To the doctor who treated the raped baby and who felt such despair(Dowling-1962) Question: Explain the ways in which the title of this poem is unusual, and comment on whether or not it it effective in relation to the poem's contents.


The unusual character of the title lies in its length and in the fact that in poetry more often the content is understood from the text rather than the title- unlike here.
It's very effective in that it presents the situation, which is very tragic and shocking - so the title is shocking just like the whole poem.

Also, in the case of poetry, it's more appropriate to speak of  opinions and interpretations that absolute truths - so there might also be other options.

1. According to Barry Lopez, what is the fundamental topic of nature writing?


According to Barry Lopezz, the fundamental topic of nature writing is tied to our weak connection to the natural world and our discovery of our place in it.

What is Nature Writing?

Nature Writing is the literary form of creative writing that is nonfictional and which relates to the description of the natural environment.

One of the purposes of Nature Writing is to discover metaphors that are useful for describing our experiences as humans.

Learn more about the fundamental topic of the nature writing at:

According to Barry Lopez, the fundamental topic of nature writing concerns our lack of connection to a sense of place and the natural world.

What was Pocahontas’ major contribution to the history of Jamestown? following her marriage to John Rolfe, it led to a period of peace with the colonists.

she helped the English overcome the New World diseases.

she felt the English were betraying her people and urged revolt and war.


The answer is “following her marriage to John Rolfe, it led to a period of peace with the colonists.”
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the first answer is the right one


"The Corn Harvest" by William Carlos Williams Summer ! the painting is organized about a young reaper enjoying his noonday rest completely relaxed from his morning labors sprawled in fact sleeping unbuttoned on his back the women have brought him his lunch perhaps a spot of wine they gather gossiping under a tree whose shade carelessly he does not share the resting center of their workaday world. How does Williams present the subject of the poem? a) with critical commentary
b) with humorous anecdotes
c)with enthusiastic characters
d) with peaceful imagery


The correct answer is D.

The poet presents the image of a young man resting and enjoying his rest while he is brought food and wine to enjoy under the shadow of a big three.

All of these images help the poet use a peaceful and relaxed tone to present the subject of his poem.

D- With peaceful imagery.

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What genre uses narrative techniques to recount personal experience and development?


This genre would be creative nonfiction. For example, a personal essay or a memoir are both literary pieces where the author dives into personal content and explores their personal development. In this genre, authors will use narrative techniques to tell their stories.

Which quotation from the passage best supports the theme that humans have a natural desire to learn about the
O "They were men. I remember the dead man's face."
O "At least, we make a beginning."
O "And the magic tools are broken—but we can look at
them and wonder."
O “But they were men who built the city, not gods or


Answer: C) "And the magic tools are broken—but we can look at  them and wonder."

Explanation: In literature, the theme is the underlying message of a story, it is  what critical belief about life is the author trying to convey in the writing of a novel, play, short story or poem. Usually this belief, or idea, is universal and transcends cultural barriers. From the given options, the quotation that supports the theme that humans have a natural desire to learn about the world, is the corresponding to option C, because it expresses the desire of the men to wonder about the things that they don't know.

C: “And the magic tools are broken—but we can look at them and wonder.” (i think haha)
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