Read the following excerpt from a speech given to a board of education: Many students have extracurricular deals such as sports, clubs, or part time jobs. These activities keep us busy. We do not have the ability to study every evening.
Which word most clearly makes the tone inappropriate for the setting?
A. ability
B. busy
C. extracurricular
D. deals


Answer 1

The word that most clearly makes the tone inappropriate for the setting is deals. The correct option is D.

What is a board of education?

The board of education is the group of people that control and make the rules and regulation of the education system of a place. The board of education see the study material, the tests and how to conduct study, etc.

Thus, the correct option is D. deals.

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Answer 2




the correct answer is deals B.

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What can the reader conclude about Scrooge from this excerpt from Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol? Now, being prepared for almost anything, he was not by any means prepared for nothing; and, consequently, when the Bell struck One, and no shape appeared, he was taken with a violent fit of trembling. Five minutes, ten minutes, a quarter of an hour went by, yet nothing came. All this time, he lay upon his bed, the very core and centre of a blaze of ruddy light, which streamed upon it when the clock proclaimed the hour; and which, being only light, was more alarming than a dozen ghosts, as he was powerless to make out what it meant, or would be at; and was sometimes apprehensive that he might be at that very moment an interesting case of spontaneous combustion, without having the consolation of knowing it. At last, however, he began to think—as you or I would have thought at first; for it is always the person not in the predicament who knows what ought to have been done in it, and would unquestionably have done it too—at last, I say, he began to think that the source and secret of this ghostly light might be in the adjoining room, from whence, on further tracing it, it seemed to shine. This idea taking full possession of his mind, he got up softly and shuffled in his slippers to the door
A) Scrooge is excited about what will happen next, so he feels angry when the ghost appears to be late.

B)  Scrooge is disturbed by the ghost's presence, so he’s unable to sleep for more than a couple of minutes.

C) Scrooge is very particular about time, so he starts getting restless when the ghost doesn’t arrive at its appointed time.

D) Scrooge is alert even in his old age, so he’s prepared for anything the ghost will throw at him.

E) Scrooge is fearful but curious about the ghost, so he puts his slippers on and goes to the room where the light is shining.


E) Scrooge is fearful but curious about the ghost so he puts his slippers on and goes to the room where the light is shining.

I ve come to this conclusion after reading the text 7 times lol.

fear because: "more alarming than a dozen ghosts"

curiosity because: very moment an interesting case of spontaneous combustion

The reader can conclude about Scrooge from this excerpt from Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol that Scrooge is fearful but curious about the ghost, so he puts his slippers on and goes to the room where the light is shining. Option E is correct.

Ebenezer Scrooge is the protagonist of Charles Dickens' 1843 novella, A Christmas Carol.  Dickens describes him like this: "The cold within him froze his old features, nipped his pointed nose, shrivelled his cheek, stiffened his gait; made his eyes red, his thin lips blue; and spoke out shrewdly in his grating voice."


Read the excerpt from "The Most Dangerous Game,” by Richard Connell. When [Rainsford] opened his eyes he knew from the position of the sun that it was late in the afternoon. Sleep had given him new vigor; a sharp hunger was picking at him. He looked about him, almost cheerfully. "Where there are pistol shots, there are men. Where there are men, there is food," he thought. But what kind of men, he wondered, in so forbidding a place? An unbroken front of snarled and ragged jungle fringed the shore. He saw no sign of a trail through the closely knit web of weeds and trees; it was easier to go along the shore, and Rainsford floundered along by the water. Based on the evidence provided in the excerpt, Rainsford most likely will A. go fishing along the shore.
B. search for the island’s inhabitants.
C. build a camp in the jungle.
D. try to swim to a neighboring island.


Based on the evidence Rainsford was most likely to, search for the island’s inhabitants.

What is inhabitants?

Inhabitants is the occupied place by a person.

Because the evidence highlights how he looks around and see pistol short which indicates that there are men around and if there are man around there must be food to eat, which shows that he was searching for a inhabitants on the island.

Hence the correct option is, B. search for the island’s inhabitants.

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B. Search for the island's inhabitants.

Five careers considered as saturated job markets?


This for the most part depends from country to country,  

Further Explanation :

Anyway most generally people, for instance, educators, accountants, routinely masters, engineers and auxiliary modelers, fundamental legitimate guides are every now and again found as parts of an inundated action publicize.  

1.Market:in monetary viewpoints, exhibit submersion is where a thing has ended up being diffused inside a market; the genuine level of inundation can depend upon buyer getting power; similarly as contention, expenses, and development.  

2.Sophisticated Market: A progressed and submerged market is one that is populated by numerous people like you—with your abilities, establishment, and so forth. In the event that you're vieing for a job in a refined market, you will be all the more mercilessly judged and practically certain cleared out than if you're looking in a less mind boggling market.  

3.Market Saturation:The speculation of ordinary cutoff focuses communicates: "Every thing or organization has a trademark use level. We just haven't the faintest idea what it is until we dispatch it, pass on it, and advance it for an age's time (20 years or progressively) after which further dare to develop the universe past standard purposes of restriction can be a futile exercise." — Thomas G. Osenton, monetary master  

The theory was displayed by Osenton is his 2004 book, The Death of Demand: Finding Growth in a Saturated Global Economy; and states that every thing or organization has a trademark usage level that is settled after different significant lots of offers and publicizing hypothesis (generally speaking around 20–25 years). Fundamentally, a general universe of standard customers is ordinarily settled as time goes on after which any imperative advancement of that universe ends up being sensationally irksome. When these trademark cutoff focuses are come to is known as "progression submersion"

Answer Details:


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This mostly depends from country to country, but most commonly people such as teachers, accountants, often doctors, builders and civil engineers, basic lawyers are often found as parts of a saturated job market.

In Lord of the Flies Who attended the final assembly with the conch?


In Lord of the Flies Who attended the final assembly with the conch?


Hope this answers your question!

Piggy attended the final assembly with the conch

The "r" in the acronym rice stands for a. react.
b. refer.
c. rest.
d. revise. go to previous question. go to next question. review answer selection


The correct answer it rest.

Read the excerpt from a short story. They had laughed at the shabbiness of the hotel. “Oh well,” they’d said, “we aren’t going to spend any time inside.” And they had not. They’d spent the day and evening sightseeing and had not retreated to their rooms until they were spent. Now Ana appraised her modest accommodations, remembering how the window in her room had amused her friends, as it offered a view of a brick wall not six inches away. “You get what you pay for!” they’d exclaimed, closing the heavy curtains.

The window captured Ana’s attention again. As she readied for bed, she heard a persistent tapping coming from outside. Ana reasoned with herself, reminded herself that only small bird or bug in distress could fit in such a space. The tapping suggested otherwise, and she turned to investigate.

How does the excerpt exemplify the ideas King describes in "Danse Macabre"?
A. It allows readers to approach a “forbidden door.”
B. It provides a “single powerful spectacle” for the imagination’s eye.
C. It forces readers to “grapple” with their own mortality.
D. It excites readers with the concept of “magic.”


The answer is: A. It allows readers to approach a “forbidden door.”

This excerpt from “Danse macabre” Stephen King is describing how a weird event is happening in the window of the room of this girl, a window that has the view of a brick wall so close that only a small bird or a bug could fit in and she is hearing tapping, this get the reader approach to “forbidden door.”

The answer is A. It allows readers to approach a "forbidden door".

In at least 150 words, identify at least two key moments in the civil rights movement and explain their significance for attaining the goals of the movement.


One of the key moments is definitely the I have a dream speech by reverend King. The speech showed how united they were and how they won't stop until they get their freedom. Another can be the assassination of JFK, which was important because a lot of people started supporting Johnson in passing the civil rights acts because they were actually supporting Kennedy who first wanted to bring these acts into law.

One of the earliest victories in the Civil Rights Movement was the case Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. In this case, the Supreme Court declared that all segregated schools were unconstitutional. The victory was not only the fact that white and black students could now spend time together and learn from each other. It was also useful as it showed that progress towards equality was possible.

Another important event was the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This act suspended literacy tests and other subjective voter registration tests. This ensured that African Americans were no longer under-represented in voting polls. It resulted in the registration of 250,000 black voters within months after its passage.


On which of the following websites can students fill out profiles and have scholarships and grants sent to them from the site's database? A. CollegeScholarships.org
B. ScholarshipExperts.com
C. FastWeb.com
D. Scholarships.com


The website that can students fill out profiles and have scholarships and grants sent to them from the site's database is scholarships.com. The correct option is D.

What is the scholarship?

These financial rewards, unlike student loans, do not have to be repaid. So, to answer a frequently asked question, if you receive a scholarship, you are not required to repay it.

Students may get the funds directly in the form of a check in their name. In other circumstances, the funds are donated to the student's school. The site scholarships.com is used by students to fill out profiles and have scholarships and grants.

Scholarships provide financial assistance to students in order to help them pay for their college education. These subsidies allow pupils to receive an education that they would not have had otherwise.

Therefore, the correct option is D. Scholarships.com.

To learn more about scholarships, refer to the link:



Scholarships.com apex

Random Questions
20 points!!! ppppppppllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeee hhheellpp 1.After the Boston Tea Party, the British government closed the port of Boston until order was restored and the cost of the lost tea had been repaid. Far-away colonies like New York and South Carolina began to send food and supplies to Boston by road. What conclusions can you draw about the other colonies from this? a.They did not want to pay taxes to the British. b. They felt sorry for Boston and angry with the British. c. They saw an opportunity to increase trade with Boston. d. They were required to send supplies under British law. 2.Britain's response to the Boston Tea Party was a group of laws which Americans referred to as the Intolerable Acts. One of the laws allowed royal officials accused of a crime in Massachusetts to have their trial in another colony, or even in England. Why would this make the colonists angry? a. They thought all royal officials were dishonest. b.They thought it was an insult to American lawyers. c. They thought royal officials would escape punishment. d.They thought other colonies would make money from the trials. 3.Which answer best explains the contributions of the Hessians during the Revolutionary War? a.The Hessians allied themselves with Britain for political reasons. b.The Hessians allied themselves with America for political reasons. c.Americans hired the Hessians as mercenaries to fight against the British. d. The British hired the Hessians as mercenaries to fight against the Americans.