Which is the best example of Frederick Douglass avoiding emotion while writing about an emotional experience?
A. I spent the most part of all these three days in the creek, washing
off the plantation scurf, and preparing myself for my departure.

B. I was probably between seven and eight years old when I left
Colonel Lloyd's plantation.

C. The thought of owning a pair of trousers was great indeed!

D. I was seldom whipped by my old master, and suffered little from
any thing else than hunger and cold.​


Answer 1

Frederick Douglass was an African American slave who later got freedom from slavery. The best example of Frederick Douglass avoiding emotion while  writing about an emotional experience is;

  • D. I was seldom whipped by my old master and suffered little from  anything else than hunger and cold.​

In this statement, we see his descriptions of his hardships. He, however, tried not to feel too involved or affected by the actions of his master.

He belittled his problems when he referred to his suffering as little.

Therefore, this is the best example of Frederick Douglass' avoiding of emotion when writing something emotional.

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Which two steps are most necessary to make an inference? researching unfamiliar vocabulary
anticipating opposing viewpoints
connecting details to your outside knowledge
discussing the text with a peer
locating key details in the text


Locating key details in the text and anticipating opposing viewpoints are two most necessary steps to make viewpoint.


An inference is defined as an idea or a conclusion that can be drawn from the evidence. We learn about things by experiencing them for the first time and gain knowledge through the inference. Inference are made on things which are already known. An argument is said to be valid if it derives a false conclusion, the inference becomes valid because it follows a correct inference.

Example of an inference is that suppose you are seeing someone who is trying some new food but makes faces while eating which says that he or she is not liking the food.

Answer: Locating key details in the text and anticipating opposing viewpoints .


Which scenario is an example of a theme for a story?



Good always triumphs over evil in the end


In literature, the theme is the life lesson or moral that a story conveys about a topic. This message is usually not directly stated in the story so we need to find it out. From all choices, then, the sentence that best exemplifies a theme of a story is “Good always triumphs over evil in the end” because it holds a lesson about a topic (“the good and the evil,” for example) that we can apply to our lives or others literary works.


D, good always triumphs over evil in the end


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A paradox is a literary device often used to ?


Its often used to make a reader think over an idea 

A. emphasize or make readers think about important ideas.


Choose the item which best answers the question. Mr. Smith wants to find out how to set up his software on a home computer network. What should he read?

Web site terms of use
product advertisement/information
product license agreement
product user guide
business letter



Product user guide


Web site terms of use should be used when the software is to be used online or in cloud but as mentioned the software is for home computer so reading it is not needed here.

Product advertisement/information is used when you want to know how they are marketing the software and to know unique features of software which is not required here.

Product license should be read when you want to knoe term and conditions of the software which is not the case here.

Business letter is read when you want to request for the software which is not needed here.

I think it’s product user guide.

HELP PLEASE!! 10 POINTS!! Which transitional words/phrases are most commonly used in the compare and contrast organizational pattern?
A. Similarly,
B. Next,
C. At the end of the day,
D. Above all,


A transitional word/phrase that is most commonly used in the compare and contrast organizational pattern is Similarly. Therefore option A is the correct response.

What is a Transition?

A word or phrase that indicates the connection between paragraphs or portions of a text or speech is known as a transition word or connecting phrase. By making it clearer or indicating how concepts relate to one another, transitions increase coherence.

The ten transitional words are: once more, furthermore, and, as well as, besides, farther, furthermore, in addition to, last, additionally, more, furthermore, next, similarly, and too. to clarify or illustrate a concept. as an illustration, let's use the terms for instance, for instance, in other words, precisely, namely, that is.

Words are used as transitions to indicate agreement, addition, and likeness. First, as we can see from the discussion above, there is the subject of transition words, which may be employed to indicate similarity, agreement, or addition within a text.

To read more about Transition, refer to - brainly.com/question/971983


Similarly would be the best answer. It's used to compare. Next would be used in chronological order, and the C and D don't really fit.

Which is not one of the steps you should take when summarizing information from a source? A. Write a strong introductory paragraph for your essay including an interesting hook. B. Identify the main points of the passage choose one of the most important details. C. Make sure that you haven't changed the meaning of the source and that you accurately represented the main ideas.
D. Organize and present these main points in an easy to follow way. Please help best answer gets brainliest



D. organize and present these main points in an easy-to-follow way.


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A FLUTTERING white flag appeared in the distance. Identify the word in all caps. a. preposition
b. verb
c. participle
d. gerund i need help please :(


B. verb

Flutter is a verb, and fluttering is the present participle form of that verb.

Which statement is true? A. The subject and theme of a story are the same.

B. The theme of a story may be implied through characterization or events in the story.

C. A theme must be stated directly by the narrator or one of the characters.

D. An example of theme is “love,” “peace,” or “war.”


B. because love, peace, and war are topics, but they do not provide insight


Which of the following sources might contain research that would support the assertion? "The uniform jerseys will serve as inexpensive advertising."

an interview with a sponsor from last year
a brochure from the uniform shop that explains pricing
a newspaper article
a brochure from a local advertising shop, showing prices for other similar advertising projects
all of the above


The answer to the question above is the last option: ALL OF THE ABOVE. I can say that everything that is listed above can be considered as credible sources for a research that supports the assertion that the uniform jerseys will serve as inexpensive advertising. Firstly, an interview with a sponsor from last year. This can be considered as a primary source since it is the sponsor that knows how much they have allotted in advertising in uniform jerseys. Secondly, a brochure from the uniform shop with prices. This is also considered a primary source in terms of the prices in making the uniforms. And lastly, a brochure from a local advertising shop with the prices. Since these uniforms have sponsors, depending on the sponsor, the amount will also vary and the pricing is negotiated between the sponsors and the advertising shop.

You want to click the All of the above one

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