What is the International Date Line? Describe its geographic location. Why doesn't it follow a straight line? Why do we need it?


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1. What is the International Date Line?

It is a superficial imaginary line drawn on the Pacific Ocean and very close to the meridian. It was devised by Sir Sandford Fleming in 1879 in order to maintain a uniform time system.

So, according to the location to this meridian, the date is changed in a day, as follows:

- When we go from the Western Hemisphere to the Easter Hemisphere in the meridian, we have to add one day.

-When we pass in the opposite direction, we have to delay one day.

2. Describe its geographic location.

The International Date Line is located in the Pacific Ocean. This area and this  meridian was chosen because it is a region with almost depopulated areas (very few inhabitants), so it does not make it difficult to maintain any local time.

However, a part of this meridian passes through the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia, causing both sides of the Strait to have different dates.

3. Why doesn't it follow a straight line?

Although the international date line originates at the North Pole and extends the length of the meridian, it deviates from this initial length  many times.

This is due to geopolitical reasons, in order to maintain a normal standard for changing dates in aviation and maritime trips at the time of crossing the line.

4. Why do we need it?

Although countries are not oblied to use the international date line as the standard on configuration dates, their purpose is mainly to avoid overlapping dates.

In addition, this line is necessary to ensure that the actual calendar and dates are coordinated and in order to have an understandable synchronization in world time.

Answer 2

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The International Date Line serves as a beginning and ending point for the world’s time zones. The line moves in jagged directions through the Pacific Ocean in order to keep certain island nations together. That way, a grouping of islands wouldn’t experience separate days despite being near each other! The International Date Line helps us to organize our global measurement of time.


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All igneous rocks are generated from magma, which is the term for the molten or semi-molten natural substance. Magma originates from the Ancient Greek mágma, which means "thick unguent." The Earth possesses magma beneath its surface, and other terrestrial planets and several naturally occurring satellites have also been confirmed to have magmatic activity.

Magma may also include gas bubbles and suspended crystals in addition to molten rock. In a variety of tectonic settings on Earth, including as subduction zones, continental rift zones, mid-ocean ridges, and hotspots, the mantle or the crust melts to produce magma. Mantle and crustal melts are assumed to be stored in magma chambers as they move upward through the crust.

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The inequality of ownership in South Africa originally came about through apartheid law.


The national party gained leadership in 1948 after which it enforced apartheid laws which segregated non-white South African natives who make the majority population from the white people. The laws restricted the use of certain facilities by providing separate facilities.  

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Only one astronomical object—Earth, which is third from the Sun—is known to support life. Although the Solar System contains vast amounts of water. It also has a gravitational force within them. It is a part of the solar system.

It is true that some Earth-shaping processes occur at rates so slow that they are difficult to notice during a person's lifetime. Physical processes produce ongoing change.

The four main metamorphic rocks are erosion, continental movement, volcanic ash, and impact cratering. Although there have been countless impact on Earth, most of the holes have been removed by other processes. Therefore, option B is the correct option.

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B.  Some processes that shape the Earth are happening so slowly they cannot be easily detected in a human's lifetime.



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