Match the names of the Hawaiian Islands with the descriptions. 1. Hawaii
2. Maui
3. Molokai
4. Lanai
5. Oahu
6. Kauai
7. Niihau

A] The Valley Island
B] The Garden Island
C] The Friendly Island
D] The Big Island
E] The Gathering Place
F] The Pineapple Island
G] The Forbidden Island


Answer 1

Hawaii- the big island

Maui- the valley island

Molokai- the friendly island

Lanai- the pineapple island

Oahu- the gathering place

Kauai-the garden island

Niihau- the forbidden island

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Select all that apply mark the statement if it accurately describes european history and geography choose all answers that are correct a. Spain and Portugal form the Iberian Peninsula

B. The English channel helped protect the island nation of Britain from invasion

C. Corsica is a small island in the Mediterranean sea

D. The Alps are mountains that made Napoleon's invasion of Italy easy

E. The Congress of Vienna redrew the map of Europe to increase the size of the French Empire



Option: A. Spain and Portugal form the Iberian Peninsula

            B. The English channel helped protect the island nation of Britain  from invasion.


The Iberian peninsula is in southwest part of Europe, which occupies Portugal and Spain.

Hitler zeal to invade England in 1940 was not accomplished because of this channel and the weak navy forces. In history, the English Channel has protected Britain from the invasion by the Dutch, Spain, Belgium and Napoleon during the Napoleon War.


The English Channel helped protect the island nation of Britain from invasion.

Spain and Portugal form the Iberian Peninsula.

The Alps are mountains that made Napoleon's invasion of Italy easy.



Which of the following groups launched a rebellion that would eventually become in haiti revolution


Said rebelion being successful and ending in haitian independence.


3. What was Alger Hiss accused of? How did this add to the fear of communism infiltration?



Spying on the United States during the cold war for the Soviet union.


There was a rampant fear of communism in the cold war. Senator Joseph McCarthy started a campaign (McCarthyism) against US workers he suspected of helping the Soviet Union. Alger Hiss' conviction during this time served as proof to the american people.


At the beginning of the Civil War, enslaved African Americans who escaped to Union lines _____. A.
were enlisted into the Union Army
were freed and sent to northern cities for food, clothing, housing, and jobs
were required to work in menial jobs in the army
were often returned to their enslavers in the South


The answer to this question is B. were freed and sent to northern cities for food, clothing, housing, and jobs

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Countries that supported the united states during the cold war


Western Europe states

Countries in NATO strongly supported us.


Isreal, because of proxy wars, soviets supported arabs, arabs hated us, and we supported Isreal

South Korea

Afghanistan, because US supported the defense against the Soviet invasion.

During the US occupation of Japan after World War II, Japan’s military was A) used to help rebuild cities.
B) retrained by the US military.
C) used to help build a police force.
D) dismantled by the US military.



The correct answer is D. During the US occupation of Japan after World War II, Japan’s military was dismantled by the US military.


The occupation in Japan began on September 2, 1945 with the surrender of Japan, which marked the end of the Pacific War and thus the Second World War. With the peace treaty of San Francisco concluded on September 8, 1951, the occupation on the Japanese main islands ended.

Japan's military capabilities were severely limited by Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution enacted during the occupation. This article states that the Japanese people are forever relinquishing their sovereign right - as a state - to settle international disputes by force and that Japan will never have land, air or sea power.

However, the geopolitical reality of the Cold War was different. In 1949, China became communist, and a year later North Korea invaded the south. Japan became an ally of the United States and because of its location was considered of great importance in controlling communism (containment policy). From a cost perspective alone, it was desirable for Japan to be able to maintain its own armed forces. The US proceeded to encourage Japanese rearmament, which was also echoed in Japan in view of the hostile states of China and North Korea.

I am fairly sure it is D. I remember learning the chant "The US wanted to demilitarize and democratize Japan".

Why did spain colonize florida and the rio grande valley?


Spain needed to secure its colony in Mexico from other Europeans. 
Spain colonized florida and the rio grande valley in the hopes that no other european nation would try to quarrel with it over Spain's territory and resources.
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50 POINTS! :D Can someone help me with 8th grade history? Describe the functions of the three different branches of the United States government. In your description, be sure to identify the purpose of each branch and provide examples of how each branch can check the power of the other two branches of government.
You must use complete sentences when writing your response.

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The legislative branch is made up of the two houses of Congress—the Senate and the House of Representatives.Its main function is to pass laws. It also oversees the execution of these laws, and checks various executive and judicial powers.The President, Vice President, and other executive officials make up the Executive Branch. The main function of this branch is to execute the laws created by Congress.The Judicial Branch is made up of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court's main task is to pass judgement on matters of the law.It checks whether or not the executive branch is acting within the laws and the Constitution.
Well i only know the first question i don't understand the second question. The first 1 is The Executive- Is the president and his job for this branch is to make laws official. The Judicial- This is the supreme court it explains the laws of this country under the constitution.
The Legislative- Is the Senate and House of representatives the important task of this branch is to make the laws.

How could bad weather jeopardize a planned trip in a blimp


Is the airship affected by winds or bad weather ? Like any aircraft, the airship is affected by weather. ... Although we can fly in rain or bad weather, and we can operate during a storm safely (because the airship is a buoyant vehicle), we would rather not as it becomes uncomfortable for the crew and passengers.

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The blimp can be easily blew off course by bad winds
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