Which of the following are true about the narrator of Langston Hughes's poem, "Theme for English B"? Select all that apply. He is in college. He is black. He lives in Harlem. He is dating a white woman.


Answer 1

Answer: The statements that are true about the narrator of Langston Hughes' poem "Theme for English B" are "He is black", "He is in college" and "He lives in Harlem".

Explanation: "Theme for English B" is a poem written by Langston Hughes in 1949. He was the greatest exponent of Harlem Renaissance, an artistic movement that gave a voice to African-American cultural expressions across the United States. In this poem, the narrator is black young man who is studying at college and must write an assignment for his English class.  Moreover, the narrator remarks the fact that he is the only black man in his class and that he lives in Harlem ("then I cross St. Nicholas/Eighth Avenue, Seventh, and I come to the Y/ the Harlem Branch Y, where I take the elevator/ up to my room, sit down, and write this page).

Answer 2
Answer: He is in college, he is black, he lives in Harlem

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What might a strict Character do?


Act serious and do everything right and professional. 
Be very prim and proper and always act serious!

What upsets Romeo the most about being banished from Verona?


The thought of not seeing or touching Juliet ever again bothers Romeo the most.

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Uniform limits student self-expression.

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(You don't have any options, so my best guess it this...)

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Which are examples of dramatic irony from Romeo and Juliet? Check all that apply. A-Juliet’s mother thinks that Juliet is preparing for her wedding to Paris, but Juliet actually plans to drink the sleeping potion that night.

B-Juliet thinks about what will happen to her if the sleeping potion does not work.

C-Juliet’s father arranges for her to marry Paris, but Juliet has already secretly married Romeo.
D-Tybalt starts a fight with Romeo, but he and Romeo are actually kin now that Romeo and Juliet have secretly married.

E-Peter, the Capulets’ servant, engages in wordplay while arguing with the musicians.


In the play, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, dramatic irony apply to options A, C, and D.

What is dramatic irony?
  • Dramatic irony is a literary device where the knowledge that the audience or the readers have about a given situation surpasses that of the characters.
  • This means that the audience has a better insight into what is happening in the play, while the characters are unaware of the entirety of the events.
  • Dramatic irony is used to create tension and suspense in a plot.

How does the play use dramatic irony?
  • In instance A, Juliet's mother believes Juliet is preparing for the wedding in Paris, but the audience knows Juliet is planning to drink a sleeping potion. As a result, the audience wonders how her mother will react if she finds out.
  • The audience is aware that Juliet is married to Romeo in instance C, where her father arranges her marriage to Paris. This creates tension because the audience, like Juliet, is now wondering how she will get out of this situation.
  • In instance D, where Tybalt starts a fight with Romeo unaware that Romeo is now kin, the audience who is aware of this fact waits for the outcome with bated breath.

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Thats the correct one


Imagine that you have a friend that recently moved out of state. Using the friendly letter format, write a short, three-paragraph letter to your friend, telling them about recent events in your hometown. Correct spelling and grammar should be used.



Letter to a friend who has recently moved out of state:

6/14, S.N. Towers,

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road,

Kolkata: 700020.


Dear Naina,

Hope you have settled down is Mumbai and started off with your new job. Life without you quite boring out here. So a sudden thought occurred to me that why don’t I pen down a letter to you. So here I am writing to you about what’s going on in the City of Joy.

The winter season has set in soon this time so the pleasant weather has coloured the mood and feel of the city as well. Kolkata is prepping up for all the big fairs, festivals and more. Recently, the food festival “Ahare Bangla” was held in Salt Lake. Mom and I went to give our palates a treat! I missed you very much though my partner in crime! The festival had so many items. There were stalls from Japan, Russia and many more foreign countries.

Being a foodie, you know what had been my condition. I couldn’t understand where to start from. The Russian salad and the Japanese street food were my favourites. Also, last weekend the Pink ball Test match between India and Bangladesh was held in our prestigious Eden Gardens Stadium for which a day before the match most of the eminent buildings of Kolkata had dressed in pink colours to mark this historical event. Well, Christmas and New Year plus a number of fares are also coming up. I’ll keep you updated about them.

Do tell me about Mumbai and what you are up to. I will be waiting for your reply. Take care!

Your dearest friend,



What is your understanding of the word culture? If you were to describe your own culture, what kinds of words would you use? What is an example of someone or some place that is outside of your culture? Why? I don't want you guys to answer the question but to HELP ME on how to answer the question! please and thank you!


The question asks what your understanding of the word culture is, so in other words, what does culture mean to you? How would you describe it in your own words? To me, culture is the beliefs, social behaviors, and customs of a society. What is it to you? The question then asks you to describe your own culture, so if I were you I would use adjectives or words used to describe something. Some examples of adjectives I would use are "diverse", "unique", or "beautiful". Finally, the question asks you to provide an example of someone or some place that is outside of your culture and why. I am taking from their use of the word "outside" they want you to depict a place/person that does not apply or conform to your culture. For example, I am Puerto Rican and Mexicans are outside (or differ from) my culture because we eat different food, dress in different clothes, celebrate different holidays, etc. I hope my analysis of the question and the examples I provided help you answer to the best of your abilities!

Identify the figure(s) of speech in the following example.

"Go, lovely Rose"


The figure of speech used in this example in personification.

What would mostly likely cause a wolf to lie down belly side up? A. the need to rest after a long tiring hunt

b.the need to show respect for a more powerful relative

C. the wish to be fed by an older family member

D. the wish to show courage when faced with a stronger wolf


The answer is B, I just took the test
Answer: B

i hope this helps and have a wonderful day!!
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