Which country recently enacted new laws to counter bribery and corruption? somalia. argentina. brazil. russia?


Answer 1

A new trend is being developed in Latin America regarding the subject of corruption and bribery recently, increasing the enforcement of existing laws and the enactment of new ones, due this issue has been pervasive for a long time already.

So countries like Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Perú, Argentina and Chile have increased the enforcement of those laws.

But from that list, only Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Perú have enacted new laws on the matter;

with Brazil standing out with "The Clean Companies Act of 2014".

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Jobs soldiers had before the war​



Some jobs that the soldiers had before the Civil War are:

  • farmer
  • accountant
  • surveyor
  • locksmith
  • teacher
  • carpenter
  • shoemaker
  • black-smith
  • painter
  • mason
  • teamster
  • mechanic

What jobs did they have during the war? During WWI over 6 million men enlisted to go and fight overseas, when they left their jobs had to be filled, so women had to take over these jobs, women had many well-known roles such as nurses, factory workers, sewing bandages, and selling war bonds, shipyards and spies.

Does this help you at all?


What were three of the final goals of the 19944 Cairo conference


I didn't know if you might mean 1994 sooo

In 1994, the United Nations created the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo to discuss several population issues and how to solve them.

Three of its final goals were to decrease the spread of STDs, reduce infant and mother mortality rates, and increase male responsibility in terms of pregnancy and child-rearing.


Imagine that you are living in America during the 1750s and employed as an advertising agent for the thirteen original colonies. You are hired to write the text material for a brochure on one of the thirteen original colonies. Research one colony of your choice, using at least three research sources, and use your information to write the text material for your brochure in such a manner that encourages people to settle in the colony. It is important to think about the political, economic, social, and geographic reasons for settling in the colony. i chose New York. It is supposed to be 250 words.
this is what i have so far. how is it thus far, how can i make it better and what kind of other stuff should i add to make it longer?

Being that New York is not dominated by a specific religion, residents are free to worship as they chose. it gives way to religious freedom for Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews and others.

New York is dominated by forests, rivers, mountains, and lakes. The forests provide a large amount of lumber, livestock and a wonderful place for harvesting furs. Also being close to the Great Lakes makes New York a great place for fishing and whaling. It is a mild climate with warm summers and mild winters.The Colony has great soil because it is near the Atlantic region, suited for farming certain plants like rye,maize,oats,barley,Potatoes and grains. There are also plenty of products like plows,kettles,locks,nails,and more that are able to be produced here.


The colony that is written of here is that of New York. The article is written in the space below

The New York colony

Welcome to New York, the colony that has it all! From its bustling cities to its vast natural resources, New York offers something for everyone.

Geographically, New York is ideally located for trade and commerce, with its access to the Hudson River and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The fertile Hudson Valley region also offers abundant farmland, perfect for agricultural pursuits.

New York is a diverse and vibrant colony, with a thriving economy and opportunities for social mobility. The city of New York itself is a hub of commerce, with bustling markets and a thriving port. The colony's many skilled artisans and craftsmen produce high-quality goods that are in demand both locally and internationally.

New York is also a place of political freedom and opportunity. With a strong commitment to religious toleration and representative government, New York offers a welcoming environment for those seeking to escape persecution or to make their mark in the world.

In addition to its economic and political advantages, New York is a place of natural beauty and cultural richness. From the majestic Catskill Mountains to the stunning Hudson River Valley, New York offers breathtaking scenery and a chance to connect with nature. The colony's diverse population also offers a wealth of cultural experiences, from the Dutch and English settlers who established the colony to the many indigenous peoples who call the region home.

So why wait? Join the many thousands of settlers who have already made New York their home. Whether you seek economic opportunity, political freedom, or natural beauty, New York has something to offer. Come discover the colony that has it all!

Read more on colonies here:brainly.com/question/24571554



Which of the following was not an Eastern European nation under communist control?


the answer is Spain


Which of the following citizens are required to sign up for selective services? A. males 18-25 B. males and females 18-25 C. males 25 and older D. males and females 25 and older


I know this is an older question, but the correct answer is A. Males 18-25.



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In which two ways did patrons support the renaissance movement in italy A) they created imovative methods of painting

B) they opposed the church and its orthodox ideas

C) they encouraged the spread of arts and education

D) they developed complex architectural techniques

E) they provided financial support to artists


They encouraged the spread of arts and education.

Exit Fill in the blank:
The spread of ___________ was responsible for the spread of telegraph lines.
A. settlement houses
B. military forts
C. railroads
D. diseases


 i believe it is  C. railroads

Your answer is

The spread of railroads was responsible for the spread of telegraph lines.


Which factors led to a strong maritime industry in New England?


"The southward migration of industry from New England has too frequently taken place for causes other than normal competition and natural advantages."

What was the supreme courts verdict in the deed Scott case


Sandford, legal case in which the U.S. Supreme Court on March 6, 1857, ruled (7–2) that a slave (Dred Scott) who had resided in a free state and territory (where slavery was prohibited) was not thereby entitled to his freedom; that African Americans were not and could never be citizens of the United States;

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