Identify the Europeans' motives for exploring the world. Then, explain how European exploration and trade changed the New World. in 2-3 sentences please if possible


Answer 1

One of the most important motives were to expand their power and gain adherents to Christianity. The economic exchange and the search for gold and silver were some of the main reasons.

these explorations brought as a consequence, the creation of new routes, the resurgence of the urban life and of the commerce with the appearance of the Banks.

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The Homestead Act and grants of land to railroads were used to
(1) raise money to finance the federal government
(2) limit the influence of monopolies and trusts
(3) support the development of state universities
(4) encourage settlement of the West


The Homestead Act and grants of land to railroads were used to (4) encourage settlement of the West. This was used because northerners wanted land to be owned in the western part of the United States. They wanted this through means that were different than southerners, where southerners had plantations run due to slave labor, and the farmers who owned land in the west were European immigrants who had moved across the United States to the west.

What is the purpose of a political party's national convention? A. meeting to pick legislative representatives to Congress
B. meeting to nominate the party's candidate for president and vice president
C. discussion about the party nominee's policy views
D. all presidential candidates meet to debate important national issues


B. meeting to nominate the party's candidates 


meeting to nominate the partys candidate for president and vice president



Which amendment declares that rights exist beyond those listed in the constitution?


The 9th Amendment. 

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Most “old” immigrants who came to America during the 1600s and 1700s were from? A Africa.
B eastern Europe.
C southern Europe.
D western Europe.


he correct answer is D) Western Europe.

Most "old" immigrants who came to America during the 1600s and 1700s were from Western Europe.

Western European people in the 1600s decided to embark in the exploration of new territories and many others were running from persecution, more specifically, political and religious persecution as was the case of the Puritans that had many problems with the Church of England. These people decided to leave their native land and navigated almost three months to arrive into the new continent. They wanted to start a new life, having a place to freely practice their religious beliefs and own a portion of land.

My guess is western Europe, since England colonized a large portion of the americas

Explain the purpose of the "Muckrakers." Describe the impact the Muckrakers had on society in the early 20th century.
Identify and describe the work of at least two Muckrakers in the early 20th century U.S. history.

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The purpose of the Muckrakers is to attack the established institutions and leaders as corrupt. They are journalists that usually have large audiences in popular magazines or journals. Nowadays, they are known as investigative journalists.

In the early 20th century, during the era known as The Progressive Era Period, a group of Muckrakers tried to visibilize that poor labor conditions, urban poverty, prostitution and child labor were and important and left aside issues in the american society.

Two of the most popular Muckrakers in the early 20th century were Upton Sinclair and Fremont Older. The first wrote very controversial fiction about established institutions and America's social issues, and Older wrote as well about San Francisco corruption and about Tom Mooney's case.


Which leader of Russia sent out advisors to study the great religions of the world and chose Orthodox Christianity for his people? A. Ivan the Terrible B. Ivan the Great C. Methodius D. Vladimir


I believe it is Vladimir the Great. Hope this helps.
Vladimir the great. I think

write a campaign slogan for martin van buren and for william henry harrison that each man could have used on campaign signs to attract voter support in 1840



We want you! Democracy!



Before the slave trade,what was african culture like?


Before the slave trade, African culture like agricultural and advanced. Thus, option (a) is correct.

What is slave?

The term “slave” refers to someone who is under the work, ownership, and control of another. The slave also called it “slavery.” The person is entirely dependent on a powerful person, such as a landlord. There are several types of slavery, including personal property slavery, forced labor, and sexual slavery.

According to the before the slave trade, the African Kingdom was the based on the agriculture sector. It was the cultivation and the plantation of the crop. Africans own languages and culture. African sold the crop to the European leader because Africans are slave.

As a result, the significance of the slave are the aforementioned. Therefore, option (a) is correct.

Learn more about on slave, here:



Your question is incomplete, but most probably the full question was.

Before the slave trade, what was African culture like?

A. Agricultural and advanced

B. Hunters and gatherers and primitive

C. Agricultural and primitive

D. Hunters and gatherers and advanced

The peoples of West Africa had a rich and varied history and culture long before European slavers arrived. They had a wide variety of political arrangements including kingdoms, city-states and other organisations, each with their own languages and culture. so basically they lived a normal life. :)

What religion did the Persian ruler Darius I promote?


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