Can someone explain c/4=-9 to me? I think I have the answer but it’s confusing.


Answer 1

Hi there, I think I might be able to help,


We can multiply by 4 on both sides to balance the equation

C/4 × 4= -9×4


Hope that helped!

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Sophie's current balance in her checking account is $125.89. Here are the transactions to complete and record: Deposit a birthday check from her aunt for the amount of $25 (check number 201).
Deposit a paycheck for the amount of $165.50 (check number 2234).
She took $40 out of the ATM and used her debit card to buy a few items at the grocery store for a total of $15.16.
She needs to pay her cell phone bill in the amount of $36.13 to PhoneRite.
She needs to pay $34.20 to Yoga Center for her monthly membership.
She has an automatic bill payment for her car payment scheduled for today in the amount of $132.50.

Sophie's current balance in her checking account is $125.89. What is the final balance after the above transactions were completed?

Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After all those transactions she would have$58.40

Which number is IRRATIONAL?
C.square root of 2



the answer is b

Step-by-step explanation:


15 ounces of gold cost $6058.50 find the unit rate in dollars per ounce


You can set this up as a proportion.

6058.50 x
————– = —
15 1

Cross multiply

15x = 6058.50

Divide by 15

x = 403.90

$403.90 per ounce

George Lynn and Crosby meet at the playground George lives 5/6 mile from the play ground. Lynn lives 4/6 mile from the play ground. Crosby lives 7/8 mile from the play ground. Who lives the closest to the playground


We need to compare the fractions:  4/6  5/6  and 7/8

And find the smallest.

By comparing 4/6 and 5/6 we know that 4/6 is smaller, because since they both have same denominator, the smaller number would be the smaller.

And of course 4/6 can not be bigger than 7/8.  7/8 is  a lot bigger.

So 4/6 is the smallest.  Therefore Lynn that lives 4/6 mile from the play ground lives the closest from the play ground.

Is 7/9 greater than or less that 8/9


I know as a decimal is 0.7777778 and I know as a decimal is 0.88889. Which one is bigger? 0.7778 or 0.8889. 0.8889 is bigger so your answer is 7/9
Fractions are parts
7/9 means 7 parts out of 9 possible parts
8/9 means 8 parts out of 9 possible parts
8 is greater than 7 so
7/9 is less than 8/9

*WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST* How does Pythagorean theorem work? **I’m not asking what the formula is. I’m asking how a squared + b squared is equal to c squared.**


Basically each side of the triangle represents a square on each which then makes the hypotenuse the largest square. Now, the area of a square is formulated by (1 side)² . Pythagorean theorem says that the area of the largest square is the sum of the 2 smaller square which is why the formula is a² + b² = c².

Which is greater or equal 7/10 or 9/100


7/10 is greater than 9/100.

What are like fractions ?

Like fractions are those fractions which has same denominator and the fraction having greater numerator value is greater.

According to the given question 7/10 and 9/100 are equal or one is greater than another.

First to compare them we have to make them like fractions.

7/10 can be written as (7×10)/(10×10) which is

= 70/100.

We know in like fractions,Fractions having greater numerator value is greater.

∴ 70/100 is greater than 9/100 So, 7/10 is greater than 9/100.

learn more about fractions here :


9/100 is less because if we multiply 7/10 by 10 (to get an equivalent fraction with a denominator the same as the other fraction [100]) we get 70/100, which is way more than 9/100.

So, 7/10 is greater than 9/100

Hope this helps!


Question:a line has a slope of -4 and passes through the point (-1,-4).What is it’s equation in slope intercept form


Y=-4x-8, just graph it and plot points

Equipment acquired at the beginning of the year at a cost of $340,000 has an estimated residual value of $45,000 and an estimated useful life of 10 years. determine the following. round your answer for the straight-line rate to one decimal place, if necessary.


Using straight-line rate, we are finding the annual depreciation with equal annual reductions.

Thus, total depreciation = 340,000 - 45,000 = 295,000
Duration of depreciation = 10 years
Therefore, using the straight-line rule, the annual depreciation is 29,500.

Answer: straight-line rate  is $29,500 per year.

Note: please proof question before posting.  Missing values and typos will delay your answer.
Straight-line rate is the depreciation rate each year
Since the useful life is 10 years So depreciation rate is

The answer is 10%
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