When the audience knows more than the characters situation in a drama than the character himself knows, it is called?


Answer 1

Inter personal Relations

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How many instruments were used in micheal bubles feeling good song?


Trumpet Calrenet tuba electric pino bass guitar

1. word painting the technique of writing musical lines that support the meaning of the text is primarily associated with A. Contertos
B. Tone Rows
C. Madrigals
D. Jazz

2. A collegium musicum was

A. a conservatory where musicians studied their craft
B. a musical composition for orchestra with a prominently featured soloist
C. a type of musical group that became popular in the Baroque period
D. a school song aslo known as an alma mater

3. The Baroque style of single vocal line with simple instrumental accompaniment is known as

A. Counterpoint
B. Monody
C. Polyphony
D. Organum.

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Word painting is a technique used in music composition where the music reflects the meaning of the lyrics.

What was  the technique of writing musical ?

It is primarily associated with the madrigal genre of music, which was popular during the Renaissance period. In madrigals, composers would use word painting to express the emotions and meanings behind the text of the poem or lyrics.

A collegium musicum was a type of musical group that became popular during the Baroque period. These groups were typically made up of amateur musicians who came together to play and perform music.

Collegium musicum translates to "music club" or "music society" and was often associated with universities or schools. The repertoire of collegium musicum groups varied widely and included chamber music, orchestral works, and vocal music.

The Baroque style of single vocal line with simple instrumental accompaniment is known as monody. This style was developed in the early Baroque period as a reaction against the complexity of Renaissance polyphony.

Monody emphasized a single vocal line that was supported by a simple instrumental accompaniment, which allowed for more expressive and dramatic performances. The rise of monody also coincided with the development of opera, which used monody as a basis for its musical style.

Overall, these three questions touch on different aspects of music history and theory, from composition techniques to musical genres and styles. Understanding these concepts can provide a deeper appreciation for the richness and diversity of music across different periods and cultures .

Learn more about technique of writing musical  here


1. C) madrigals

2. C) a type of amateur musical group that became popular in the Baroque period

3. B) monody

4. D) Johann Sebastian Bach

5. A) concerto grosso

6. D) Romantic

7. A) twentieth-century

8. B) pizzicato

9. A) Antonio Vivaldi

10. B) a musical delivery that imitates the patterns of speech in an opera

11. B) oratorio

12. D) libretto

13. A) madrigal

14. C) Chamber music

15. D) big band

16. C) Serialism

17. A) swing

18. B) the Baroque period

19. D) the twentieth century

20. B) seventh chords

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Which of the following musical traditions was most familiar to American colonists in the seventeenth century? A. English B. German C. Native American D. Canadian


The answer for this is "A. English".

English immigrants started arriving in America in large numbers, bringing their musical styles and instruments. Before them, Native Americans had been the first people to influence music to America. But since the beginning of 17th century, the English brought another music style to them. 

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PLEASE HELP A GIRL OUT!!!!! What specific South African performance practice did LadySmith Black Mambazo use?


Answer: isicathamiya


"The a cappella group’s compelling performance style was a unique melding of indigenous Zulu songs and dances with South African isicathamiya, a soft, shuffling style of dance accompanied by ragtime-influenced choral part-singing." from

I think it was Ezimnyama

The Playwright is central in the most obvious ways. She or he provides THIS - the point of origin for nearly every play production, which is the rallying point around which the director of producer gathers the troops. A. The TheatreB. The PlayC. The StoryD. The Script


Answer: The Script

Explanation: The playwright provides the script and it is the script that drives every other aspect and element of a play.

The characters in the script define who the actors should be, what the casting director will look for when choosing who accurately depicts the  person created by the playwright in the script.

The director also uses the script to decide on the tone of the play. All these and even the props to be used are defined by the script.


Which of the following was an architect who dominated English Baroque architecture? a.
Christopher Penn
Christopher de la Tour
Christopher Wren
Christopher Jens


Christopher Penn was an architect who dominated English Baroque architecture. Thus, option A is correct.

What is an architect?

A person who plans, constructs, and supervises the creation of structures is known as an architect. To practise architecture is to offer this service related to the planning of structures with a primary focus on human habitation or usage, as well as the spaces within and around such structures.

English Rococo building was controlled by Christopher Penn. Christopher was a prominent figure of both the late Modern in England, particularly his plans for Greenwich Infirmary, Hampton Court Castle, and indeed the renovation of St. Paul's Cathedral that was modeled after St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

Therefore, option A is the correct option.

Learn more about architects, here:


Answer: Christopher penn



This highly naturalistic painting by jan van eyck is an example of ________________ painting.



There aren't any paintings to analyze.


However, it is possible to explain who van Eyck was:

Jan van Eyck was a painter active in Bruges. He is one of the most important figures in early Northern Renaissance. Van Eyck painted religious and secular works of art, such as single panels, triptychs. Due to his economic situation, he was able to choose "whenever he pleased."

The periods and style he painting in is (Northern) Renaissance. 

Paradise is a concept that is closely connected to islamic architecture. what are the most important similarities and differences between the concept of heaven on earth within christianity and islamic conceptions of the role for architecture? consider the geometric motif and the use of calligraphy (the word) as art. how does the use of the word as art differ in creating a visual spectacle than the byzantine use of mosaics?



Paradise and Architecture:

  • In simple terms, the word "paradise" means the work of the one creater in such a way that it ensembles peace and harmony in a complete and unique way as never seen before. While the creater may also be termed as an architect who draw a map so unique and complete in all senses.
  • For any man who draws a design or curves a structure with the beauty inside it is somehow related to the art of making paradise. As through the work of an architect people get to know the one true creater.


  • Paradise in Christianity:

In Christianity, the belief is such that Christians who do good deed in this world, along with the saints will be rewarded by the merit of good deeds they do. As there are three different forms of the holy place in the after life  for the believers the first on is Heaven, the second is Paradise, and the third is refereed to as "the city".

In a place where under the throne of one true God, the saints and believers will rest in differently curved and beautiful structures. However, the structures described are same from both the Islamic and Christianity point of view.

  • Paradise In Islam:

From the Islamic point of view there are two different forms of after life, as it will be rewarded to all the mankind on merit. If one is a believer and follows the true path, even if the person was once a true christian or a true jew then that person will be awarded along with all the true Muslims who are believers. From the Islamic point of view there will be peace and harmony inside the place. As there will be rivers of all the precious elements, while there will be astonishing structures having elevated heights, and beautifully assembled pillars.

There will be big palaces for the true believers that are never seen before by that person.As the structure will be more then majestic and there will be servants for the people inside the paradise.

  • Calligraphy as an art and geometric motif:

Calligraphy is the art to curve words and write them with such an emotion and sense they represent a specific rhythm, culture and generation inside them, as calligraphy sometimes is only done by craft man who belongs to the generation of such craftsmen as it can not be learned in month or years but it takes generation to learn a bit out of this field.

And geometric motifs may be seen as senseless or meaningless to any ordinary person but it represents a specific culture and religion in a different sense. As the artistic work can be seen inside the mosques and cathedrals, representing each generation.

During the byzantine imperial rule unique form of artistic work was crafted to tell stories about different generations and royals. As they also made different structures and mosques to represent the religion Islam and had great influence in creating unique artistic work. Now, doing calligraphy is more different then that as writing consists of a rhythm, and a sense of consistency inside it which consists a set of stories relating a religion or sacred story.

Is there any choices for this

Some people say that going to a western art music concert is a passive experience. would you say this is true?



YEs it is true


Western Art Musi is what we would also classify or called as classcal music, it developed in the early medieval times and got really popuplar during the romantic period, it is a passive experience because the audience does little to add to the show, is not like a music festival where you can dance and jump and enjoy the music with movement, in the western art music you just sit down and listen, that is why it would be passive.

Yes, that sounds right. Western music has a quality to it that differs from say, Eastern music.
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