Your best friend is sleeping over four days from today What is the date that your friend is sleeping over


Answer 1
Answer: September 8th ......?
Answer 2
Answer: September 8th
I think

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Explain why x and 4x - 10 are factors of the expression x(4x - 10)3 rather than terms of the expression. What are the terms of the factor 4x -10?


Solution :-  Let p(x) be the polynomial  such that


the height of the gateway arch show on the missouri quarter is 630 feet, or 7,560 inches. find how many 4-inch stacks for quarters make up the height of the gateway arch. if theres 58 quarters in a 4-inch stack, how many quarters high is the arch?


To find how many stacks of quarters there are we must divide 7,560 by 4.

7,560 / 4 = 1,890

There are 1,890 4-inch stacks. To find how many quarters are in all the stacks, we multiple 1,890 by 58.

1,890 * 58 = 102,060

The arch is 102,060 quarters high

matteo is centering a poster on the back of the door that is 32 inches wide the poster is 18 1/2 inches wide how far from the edge of the door should matteo hang the poster ?


All you have to do is subtract 18.5 from 32 = 13.5 and then divide that number by 2 for each side of the poster, 13.5 / 2 = 6.75 inches

In triangle ABC and triangle DEF, AC is congruent to DE and <A is congruent to <E. Which of the following would allow you to conclude by SAS that these triangles are congruent ? a) side AB congruent to side DF
b) side AC congruent to side EF
c) side BA congruent to side FE
d) side CB congruent to side DF


Answer "C" is correct. because answer "A" side DF would not prove the triangles congruent. answer "B" side AC is already proven. And "D" is also incorrect because nether CB nor DF would prove the triangle congruent

What is the closed linear form of the sequence 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15,...


The pattern is to add 2.5 to every number.
17.5 would be the answer. The sequence is +2.5

A designer of cement lawn figures needs to reduce the size of a sheep by making each linear dimension 20% of the original. If a volume of N cm? of cement was used
to mold the original sheep, how many cubic centimeters of cement are needed to
make the smaller sheep?



N x (0.2)^3

Step-by-step explanation:


  0.008N cm³

Step-by-step explanation:

The scale factor for volume is the cube of the linear scale factor:

  0.20³ = 0.008

0.008N cm³ of cement are needed to make the smaller sheep.


PLEASE HELP ME. 1. Graph f(x)=2x+1 and g(x)=−x+4 on the same coordinate plane.

What is the solution to the equation f(x)=g(x) ?

Enter your answer in the box.

2. Let ​ f(x)=x+2f(x)=x+2 ​ and ​ g(x)=2x+1 ​ .

Graph the functions on the same coordinate plane.

What are the solutions to the equation f(x)=g(x) ?

Enter your answers in the boxes.

3. The functions f(x)=−2x+2 and g(x)=(13)x+1 are shown in the graph.

What are the solutions to −2x+2=(13)x+1?

Select each correct answer.







2x + 1 = -x + 4

x = 1

x+2 = 2x+1

x= 1

-2x+2 = 13x+1

x = 1/15

3, 1, im not sure exactly for this one but from my calaculations the answer would be x=-0.733 (with the 3 repeating).

A stone is thrown straight up from earth with D(t)= -4.9 t^2 + vt where D = height in meters, t= time in seconds, and v= initial speed in m/s. Find the following: (a) D(t) ?
(b) the time in the air ?
(c) the maximum height ?
(d) the instantaneous velocities at t= a, and t= b?
(e) the average velocity from t= a to t= b?
(f) the velocity of the stone as it runs into the ground ?
(g) the total ground distance traveled ?
+ (For initial speed = 49 m/s, a= 4 sec, b= 9 sec.)



(a)  D(t)= -4.9 t^2 + vt

(b) 10 sec

(c) 122.5m

(d) At t= 4sec, v= 9.8m/s (upwards) and at t= 9sec, v= 39.2m/s (downwards)

(e) -24.5m

(f) -49m/s (i.e. downwards)

(g) 0

Step-by-step explanation:

(b) Time in the air = 2v/g = 10sec

(c) Maximum height = =122.5m

(d) Velocity at any time t = v -9.8t

     So, at t= 4sec, velocity = 49 – 9.8(4) =9.8m/s

    at t= 9sec, velocity = 49 – 9.8(9) = -39.2m/s

(e) Average velocity = = -24.5m

(g) the stone is thrown vertically upwards, so no horizontal distance covered.


Gizmo is investing in TikTok stock. He plans on adding an additional $250 at the end of every year and the expected monthly rate of return is 8.3% of the amount invested, calculated at the end of the month. If he starts with $425 in the account, write an equation that models the amount of money in the account each month for the first year.




Step-by-step explanation:

The equation would be 425 x .83(12) + 250 because 425 is what he has at first, then times .83 which is what returns back to him each month, which .83 is multiplied by 12 which is how many months that are in a year plus 250 which is what he adds on after each year

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