Write 0.52 as a percentage and a fraction in its simplest terms


Answer 1
Answer: 52%    Fraction in simplest form: 13
One time I read it said 6% is equal to 0.06, so I believe it's da same for 0.52, and first you write da fraction as 52/100, then you divide 52 and 100 by 2 which gets you 26/50, and then you divide both by 2 to get 13/25. I hope I helped :-)

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Assume that a cross is made between a heterozygous tall pea plant and a homozygous short pea plant. Fifty offspring are produced in the following frequency: 30 = tall
20 = short
Null hypothesis: The deviations from a 1:1 ratio (25 tall and 25 short) are due to chance.
1. What is the Chi-square value associated with the appropriate test of significance?
2. How many degrees of freedom are associated with this test of significance?





Where c represent the number of categories c=2

Step-by-step explanation:

Previous concepts

A chi-square goodness of fit test "determines if a sample data matches a population".

A chi-square test for independence "compares two variables in a contingency table to see if they are related. In a more general sense, it tests to see whether distributions of categorical variables differ from each another".

Assume the following dataset:

Tall =30 , Short =20

We need to conduct a chi square test in order to check the following hypothesis:

H0: The deviations from a 1:1 ratio (25 tall and 25 short) are due to chance.

H1: The deviations from a 1:1 ratio (25 tall and 25 short) are NOT due to chance.

Part 1

So then we know that the expected values would be 25 for each case

The statistic to check the hypothesis is given by:

And if we replace we got:

Part 2

For this case the degreed of freedom are given by:

Where c represent the number of categories c=2

And we can calculate the p value given by:

2)=0.157" alt="p_v = P(\chi^2_{1} >2)=0.157" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

And we can find the p value using the following excel code:



Find the measure in degrees and radians of the angle representing 7/8 of a circle.


In computing the radians of the 7/8 of the circle we must get the value of the angle subtended by the sector given that in one revolution of a circle is 360 degrees. Thus,
7/8*360= 315deg
convert degree to radians, multiply by pi/180
315deg x pi/180= 1.75 pi radiansThe angle subtended by 7/8 of circle is 1.75 pi radians

Which pairs are like terms in expression 2/5y + 1/5x - 0.2y - 6 + (-2)


The pair of like terms are:


Given expression is:

We have to find the pairs that are like terms in the given expression

Like terms means that, terms that have same varibale but different ( or same ) coefficients

Here in the given expression "x" and "y" are the two variables present

Arrange the like terms

So here the first two terms has same varibale "y" but different coefficients. So they form a pair of like terms

"x" is present only once . There is no other term with variable "x"

6 and -2 are constants

So the pair of like terms are:


The cost of a repair, which depends on the hours it takes to make the repair, is $200. Which of the following best shows this in function notation? A. Cost(hours) =$200
B. Hours($200)=cost
C. Cost($200)=hours
D. Hours(cost)=$200


The answer would be A.


the distance to the nearest gas station is 2 4/5 kilometers. what is this distance written as a decimal?


The answer is 2.8

let me explain so I put the fraction into the calculator like this 4/5 = 0.8 then brought the two to the front so it looked like this 2.8.

The whole number in the fraction will be your whole number in the decimal.
2._ _
4/5 is = 80/100 = .8
2.8 is your answer

Hope this helps

A line that has a y-intercept of 0 and passes through (12, 4)


The equation for this written in slope intercept form is y=3x+0

Round 125 458 to the nearest hundred thousand


The hundred thousandth place is 1. Since 2 comes after it, and 2 is less than five, then it rounds down, making the answer 100,000.
The hundred thousands place is 1. The 2 on its right is small and tells the 1 to round down or stay. So the answer is 100000. Hope this helps!

What is the awnser to -10x+3(4x-2)=6


Hello there!

In order to solve that equation, you would need to distribute the 3 inside the parenthesis.

-10x + 3(4x - 2) = 6
-10x + 12x - 6 = 6

Then you would need to keep the variable in the left and everything else to the right - in other words, solving for x.

-10x + 12x - 6 = 6
2x = 12
x = 6

Your answer would be 6.
Remember, you can do anything to an equation as long as yo do it to both sides
first, distribute
remember that a(b+c)=ab+ac

add 6 to both sides
divide by 2



6x + 8y = 4x + 12y
6x - 4x = 12y - 8y
2x =  4y
x = 2y
Is it x=2y?
Because  6x+8y=4x+12y
and 2x=4y, so x=2y                         
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