2/7k - 1/14k = -3 Please answer for k. Show all work


Answer 1
Answer: 2/7k−1/14k=−3Step 1: Simplify both sides of the equation.2/7k−1/14k=−32/7k+−1/14k=−3(2/7k+−1/14k)=−3(Combine Like Terms)3/14k=−3Step 2: Multiply both sides by 14/3.(14/3)*(3/14k)=(14/3)*(−3)

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If B is the midpoint of ac and the length of ac is 23.8, what is the length of ab A. 11.7 B. 11.9 C. 12.4 D. 19.1



Option B:11.9

Step-by-step explanation:

We are given that B is the mid point of AC.

Length of AC=23.8 units

We have to find the length of AB.

We know that when B is the mid point of AC then



By using segment addition property

Let AB=x

Then , BC=x

Substitute the values then we get

Hence, length of AB=11.9 units

Option B is true.

Well, the midpoint simply means the point right half-way between both endpoints, thus is just half that or ab = 23.8/2.

neil has 1216 sports card that he divides into 32 packages with he same number of cards. how many cards are in each package?



1216/32= 38

I hope this helps!!


F(X)= 1/x-3,g(x)=3x+1/x A.use composition to prove whether or not the functions are inverses of each other the domain of the composition using internal notation



that is not basic math

Step-by-step explanation:

that or im dumb


Issac, BYU-Idaho student, found an old article in the school paper, the Scroll, that asserted that 11% of girls "wait for their missionary". Now that some years have passed and the missionary age limits have changed, and Isaac wants to revisit the question and would like to estimate what proportion of girls "wait for their missionary". If he is willing to accept a margin of error of 3%, and a 90% confidence level, how many observations does he need in his sample


Answer: 151

Step-by-step explanation:

When the prior estimate of population proportion is available , then the formula for sample size:  

, where p= prior estimate of population proportion

z*= critical-value.

E= Margin of  error.

Let p be the proportion of of girls "wait for their missionary".

p = 11% =0.11

E= ± 0.03

The critical z-value corresponding to 90% confidence level = z*=1.645 [using z-table ]

Substitute all the values in the above formula , we get

Required sample size  :

[Rounded to next integer.]

Thus, the number of observations he needs in his sample = 151


Write a number that is the same when rounded to the nearest hundred and ten


A number when you round to the nearest hundred and tens is the is is the number 200


Find the 10th term of the geometric sequence 3,6,12,24


It's 768. You're just multiplying each answer by two 10 times. 3x2=6 6x2=12 etc.

HURRY Given ​ f(x)=x^2−2x−5​. Enter the quadratic function in vertex form in the box.



Step-by-step explanation:

The given quadratic function is

We complete the square to obtain the vertex form;

Add and subtract half the coefficient of

Factor by identifying the perfect square

Simplify to obtain the vertex form as


there are 3200 students at Martinsville high school. there 575 students involved in athletics during the spring athletic seasons. what proportion best represents the percent of students not involved in athletics during the spring season? what percent of students is not involved in athletics?


3200- 575= 2625 students are not involved in athletics

the proportion is  2625/3200=525/640=105/128

The percent is 2625/32 %≈ 82 %
105/128 or 0.820313
Simplify 2625/3200

bob bought 3 packs of model xars.he gave 4 cars to ann.bob has 11 cars many model cars were in each pack


There are 5 model cars were in each pack.

Let x represent the number of each cars in each model.

Since bob bought 3 packs of model cars, hence:

Number of cars Bob bought = 3x

He gave out 4 cars to Ann and still had 11 cars left, hence:

3x - 4 = 11

3x = 15

x = 5 cars

Hence there are 5 model cars were in each pack.

Find out more at:

Well since he gave Ann 4 cars and 11 are left, you would add them up which gives u a total of 15 cars. Now you would have to divide 15 by 3 (the total number of pack) which is 5. This means that there were 5 cars in each pack
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