Which term refers to whether a value is seen as positive or negative by a​ group? a. superiority
b. valence
c. inferiority
d. intensity?


Answer 1

The term that refers to whether a value is seen as positive or negative by a group is valence

For better understanding let's us explain what valence attitude means

  • Attitude is simply known as refer the extent to which we as like or dislike something.

  • The 3 properties of attitudes are valence, extremity, strength
  • valence is simply defined as the total or overall evaluation of something as positive or negative. it is attribute of emotion.

From the above we can therefore say that the answer The term that refers to whether a value is seen as positive or negative by a group is valence, is correct

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Answer 2
Answer: The answer is Cthe condition of being lower in status or quality than another or others.

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