After being beaten by Roger, Samneric stand guard on Castle Rock and won’t leave even when Ralph comes for them at night. This shows which character trait of Samneric

They are followers

They are independent thinkers

They are brave

They are passionate


Answer 1

"Lord of the Flies", is a novel written by author William Golding and it was first published in 1954. This novel tells the story of a group of British boys, after an evacuation, that end stranded on an island because of a war. In their attempt to survive, these children assume self-governance and form a sort of union that soon disolves as savagery and a return to basic instincts because of the wildness of the land overtakes these children´s education. In the end, the group breaks into two with the second group, led by Jack and the choir boys, becoming so savage that they have already killed two members of the original group in a struggle for power and control. The title comes from the head of a pig, set on a stick, filled with flies, that becomes the almost oracle of how things will develop in the island, given the circumstances. In chapter 12, Simon and Piggy, two of the kids in the original group, and friends of Ralph, the main character, have died, killed by Jack´s group. Also, Sam and Eric, are captured as Ralph runs away, and they are forced into submission to Jack and his followers through torture. When Ralph finds them as guards at Castle Rock, and they refuse to leave, this shows that they have become :A: they are followers, through torture and force.

Answer 2
Answer: I took a guess before double checking to see what it was. My guess was followers, so far in my reading they definitely seem to go with that trait. Now I see I was correct that the answer was the first one. :)

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20 Points! Need ASAP Read the formal letter.
Jorge Smith
123 Main Street
Anytown, IL 12345
Mrs. Parker:
Our annual awards banquet will be held in January. We would be honored if you would agree to be our key speaker.
Please find all the relevant information in the attached itinerary. We will contact you in a week’s time to see if there is any other information you require and to answer any questions you might have.
Jorge Smith

Which part of the letter needs revision in order to be appropriate for a formal letter?
A.the salutation
B.the body
C.the closing
D.the signature


Maybe you can revise the introduction, the body.

Read this excerpt from "Look Homeward, Angel." And whatever he touched in that rich fortress of his soul sprang into golden life: as the years passed, the fruit trees—the peach, the plum, the cherry, the apple—grew great and bent beneath their clusters. His grape vines thickened into brawny ropes of brown and coiled down the high wire fences of his lot, and hung in a dense fabric, upon his trellises, roping his domain twice around. They climbed the porch end of the house and framed the upper windows in thick bowers. And the flowers grew in rioting glory in his yard—the velvet-leaved nasturtium, slashed with a hundred tawny dyes, the rose, the snowball, the redcupped tulip, and the lily. The author uses sensory details in this excerpt to create images of


The sensory details used to convey images in this excerpt are mainly to do with the grape vines and also the flowers. The grape vines are depicted as "brawny ropes of brown" which conjures up an image of thick strong sinews  which spread all over the porch and around the windows and form frames around the windows in "thick bowers" and the flowers in "riotous glory" exhibit wonderful colours and with pleasing textures like the velvety nasturtiums. 

Answer: B) Shades and barriers, to suggest gant’s need for privacy

Explanation: .


Write an free verse poem about nature like the animals ASAP PLS 99 POINTS PLEASE ASAP FAST PLS 99 POINTS!


The gentle breeze lightly brushes my face
and the trees dance to the melody
of the songbirds and the serenity
long cattails tickle my feet
and i listen to the sound of rushing currents of a vigorous river
as mother nature hums to the music of harmony

In the sunny breeze

I fall like a leaf into a horrid storm

I lie at the bottom of the sea, and that's when I see

a whole world, then the sea green weed covers me

just as I see, the oddest thing

but it wasn't what, it was who

a turtle, small




Parallel construction means that A. each paragraph of an essay begins the same way.
B. both sides of an argument are presented in an essay.
C. the same grammatical construction is used in all similar headings throughout an outline.
D. the first paragraph and the last paragraph of an essay have the same number of sente


Parallel construction is the use of the same grammatical construction in multiple sentences, so the best answer is C: the same grammatical construction is used in all similar headings throughout an outline.

Read this passage from chapter 5 of The Prince. There are, for example, the Spartans and the Romans. The Spartans held Athens and Thebes, establishing there an oligarchy: nevertheless they lost them. The Romans, in order to hold Capua, Carthage, and Numantia, dismantled them, and did not lose them. They wished to hold Greece as the Spartans held it, making it free and permitting its laws, and did not succeed. So to hold it they were compelled to dismantle many cities in the country, for in truth there is no safe way to retain them otherwise than by ruining them. And he who becomes master of a city accustomed to freedom and does not destroy it, may expect to be destroyed by it, for in rebellion it has always the watchword of liberty and its ancient privileges as a rallying point, which neither time nor benefits will ever cause it to forget. And whatever you may do or provide against, they never forget that name or their privileges unless they are disunited or dispersed, but at every chance they immediately rally to them, as Pisa after the hundred years she had been held in bondage by the Florentines.

What is Machiavelli’s secondary purpose in writing this passage?

A) to inform readers about the history of Rome and Sparta and how they built their empires
B) to inform readers about the tactics Sparta and Rome used to hold cities and their effectiveness
C) to persuade readers that a conquering prince must destroy a former republic if he hopes to hold it
D) to persuade readers that a republic will remember freedom and someday rebel against a conqueror


I'm not 1000% confident in this answer but I believe it's B) to inform readers about the tactics Sparta and Rome used to hold cities and their effectiveness


B) to inform readers about the tactics Sparta and Rome used to hold cities and their effectiveness


In the passage from chapter 5 of The Prince, Machiavelli lists the cities conquered by Sparta and Rome . He then describes how Sparta had held Greece . Also in the passage is the explanation of how Rome dismantled Greek cities. These details all support Machiavelli's secondary purpose in writing this passage. He uses this secondary purpose to help support the primary purpose: to persuade readers that a conquering prince must destroy a former republic if he hopes to hold it.


What is the fourth step in creating a summary?


Identify supporting Details
State the main idea of the story..

Why are Shakespeare's plays considered difficult for modern students to understand? A. The plays were written to address issues that are no longer important in modern times. B. The use of language is very different from what we're used to today. C. Some lines don't make sense because they were translated from another language. D. The plays use rhyming verse that modern students find childish and annoying.


The Answer Is B. His Use Of Language

What is truth verify



Answer: Truth, in metaphysics and the philosophy of language, the property of sentences, assertions, beliefs, thoughts, or propositions that are said, in ordinary discourse, to agree with the facts or to state what is the case. Truth is the aim of belief; falsity is a fault.

(happy to help)


Read the passage from 1 Henry VI (act 2, scene 3) and answer the question that follows. Is this the scourge of France?
Is this the Talbot, so much fear'd abroad
That with his name the mothers still their babes?
I see report is fabulous and false:
I thought I should have seen some Hercules,
A second Hector, for his grim aspect,
And large proportion of his strong-knit limbs.
Alas, this is a child, a silly dwarf!
It cannot be this weak and writhled shrimp
Should strike such terror to his enemies. n Greek mythology, Hector was the greatest fighter in the city of Troy. Hercules was a fictional Roman hero known for his strength and far-ranging adventures.

What do the references to Hercules and Hector reveal about Talbot?

They describe Talbot as strong like the two heroes.

They highlight Talbot’s weakness in comparison to the two heroes.
They show Talbot preparing for war like the two heroes.

They explain why Talbot is feared like the two heroes.


The correct answer is They highlight Talbot’s weakness in comparison to the two heroes.

He describes their heroic legendary status throughout history and compares Talbot's insignificance to them.

The references to Hercules and Hector highlight Talbot’s weakness in comparison to the two heroes.


Henry VI, Part 1, often referred to as 1 Henry VI, is a history play by William Shakespeare, and possibly Thomas Nashe, believed to have been written in 1591, and set during the lifetime of King Henry VI of England.


The correct answer between all the choices given is the second choice. I am hoping that this answer has satisfied your query and it will be able to help you in your endeavor, and if you would like, feel free to ask another question.

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