The abcs of observation refer to the ___________ sequence.


Answer 1
Answer: I believe it may be letter

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Which would likely live near a crack in a deep ocean floor that spews scalding water


What are the choices?

During the process of sleep, the pineal gland received instructions from the suprachiasmatic nucleus on when to release _____. The suprachiasmatic nucleus is trigger by sunlight and knows when to signal the pineal gland. That way you know to wake up!


I think the answer is breathing

Infer how climate data can be used by farmers.


it can be used to help grow crops and prepare for storms
Help grow crops such as corn, patatoes etc....hope it helps:)

What is the measure of how much surface an object has?


surface area refers to the summation of the areas of the exposed sides of an object.

Yellow hair is dominant to blue hair,so blue hair is always_


Recessive. Yellow is dominant and blue is recessive

Pathogens can be transmitted through contact with surfaces like doorknobs and countertops. a. True
b. False


The answer is a. True.

Some pathogens can be transmitted through direct contact with infected person, and some pathogens can be spread through contact with surfaces like doorknobs and countertops. For example, an infected person can touch these surfaces and leave behind pathogens. When an uninfected person touches the surfaces and then touches its skin, the pathogens are transmitted to that person. Staphylococci are the commonly transmitted this way.





Which of these is a characteristic of body cells that require large amounts of energy?


The characteristic of body cells that require large amounts of energy is they have numerous mitochondria. The correct option is a.

What is energy?

Energy is an entity that is required by organisms and everything for motion and energy and other activities. Cells require energy to carry out the processes of metabolic.

Both plant and animal cells have mitochondria, a type of cell organelle. Since prokaryotic cells don't have cell organelles, they don't possess them. It is the main place that is used for energy synthesis.

Animal genetic material is found in cell organelles such as the mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, and nucleus because animal cells are multicellular.

Therefore, the correct option is a, they have numerous mitochondria.

To learn more about energy, refer to the link:


The question is incomplete. Your most probably complete question is given below:

They have numerous mitochondria.

They have a large number of Golgi bodies.

They have two nuclei.

They have a large number of ER.

I'm guessing but it seems that splitting would use the most energy. Don't take this as a correct answer!

Cells use passive and active transport to move materials across cell membranes in order to maintain homeostasis. Which of the following is an example of homeostasis?


The cell membrane is one of the great multi-taskers of biology. It provides structure for the cell, protects cytosolic contents from the environment, and allows cells to act as specialized units. A membrane is the cell’s interface with the rest of the world - it’s gatekeeper, if you will. This phospholipid bilayer determines what molecules can move into or out of the cell, and so is in large part responsible for maintaining the delicate homeostasis of each cell.


Food chains and webs not only describe the order in which organisms are eaten, but they also describe the _____. flow of energy in an ecosystem importance of the ecosystem health of the ecosystem animals that are all related


Answer: The correct answer for the fill in the blank is - Flow of energy in an ecosystem.

A food chain is a series of different trophic levels ( like producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers) in an ecosystem, which depicts how organisms obtain energy by consuming other organisms.

A food web is an interconnected network of different food chains representing flow of energy and matter within an ecosystem.

The different arrows in a food chain and food web represent organisms being eaten by other organisms, thereby representing flow of energy within an ecosystem.

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