Which processes most likely formed the shale bedrock found near ithaca, new york?


Answer 1

The burial and compaction were the methods that most likely possessed the shale bedrock found near Ithaca, new york.

What is the meaning of burial and compaction?

The sediments beneath remain buried when layers are piled on top of one another, perhaps by hundreds of meters of sediment above. The sediment grains are compressed (squished down) by the weight of such layers known as the burials. The sediment granules gradually become bonded together by minerals that have been deposited by water in the gaps between them.

When sediments are firmly buried, the weight of the layers above them puts pressure on the sediments, causing compaction to occur. The deformation in rocks brought on by heavy pressure throughout millions of years is known as tectonic burial. It frequently results in temperature changes and deep burials. In a region, continental collisions and subduction frequently result in tectonic burial.

In geology, compaction is the process of pressing sand, mud, clay, and/or small pebbles together over time to reduce the distance between the particles. Because sedimentary rock is formed by the processes of compaction and cementation that follow, compaction rocks were sedimentary rocks.

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Answer 2
Answer: Which process most likely formed the shale bedrock found near lthaca new York

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Answer: No, it is not possible to have erosion at all.

Explanation: Erosion is a natural geological process that has the capability remove the debris of the rocks from the Earth's surface through several erosive agents such as soil, water etc. Being a natural process , it is not possible to not have erosion on Earth's surface. There are certain steps that can be taken to prevent it but cannot completely finish the process.

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The correct answer is D, comment on this for an explanation !!

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Its Absolute wish you luck ..


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b. because it explains how rocks are constantly changing from one type to another


The rock cycle is very important for the Earth. It is a cycle that gives us explanation how the rocks change over time, and how each type of the rocks is formed, or destroyed. The rocks are providing the basis of the terrestrial life on the planet, as they are the ones that form the land masses. They are the ones that provide the minerals, and they are the ones that give the parent material for the soils. The rock cycle is a process that is continuing for over 2 billion years now, and it seems that it will continue to go on for much more time in the future. Basically, the magma from the mantle layer comes out on the surface or near it, cools off, and forms rocks. The rocks then experience changes over the course of millions of years. Eventually, the rocks will come in a situation to be subducted, returning to the mantle, get melted, thus recycled, and eventually coming back on the surface as magma or lava.


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Signal-controlled intersections depend on traffic signals, usually electric, which indicate which traffic is allowed to proceed at any particular time.

Describe a scenario in which Intersect is preferred over Union for an overlay operation.


Can you explain the question better
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