Explain what causes mechanical weathering and chemical weathering. Please help, I really don't know!!!!!



Answer 1
Answer: Ice wedging, pressure release, plant root growth, and abrasion can all cause mechanical weathering. in the cracks and pores of rocks, the force of its expansion is strong enough to split the rocks apart. 
Chemical weathering is caused by rain water reacting with the mineral grains in rocks to form new minerals (clays) and soluble salts.
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Anti-bodies to come in micro organisms have been developed by


Answer is immunoglobulin(lg). Developed by infancy.

What is an example of Newton’s 2nd or 3rd Law in daily life.


Examples of Newton's 2nd Law:
If you use the same force to push a truck and push a car, the car will have more acceleration than the truck, because the car has less mass.
Examples of Newton’s 3rd law: When a person pulls down on a vertical rope, the rope pulls up on the person

I think this is more of Physics, not Biology:

2nd law:

Well, have you ever sat in a car, and when the car accelerates fast enough, you get pushed to the back of your seat, and the back of your seat kind of "pushes" you forward?  The back of our seat operates force on our back which is proportional to the acceleration and our weight (mass).

The second law basically defines “force” in terms of “mass” and “acceleration”. So any situation in which an object changes its velocity involves that law.

3rd law:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Let's consider the example of the apple falling on Newton's head. Gravity applies a downard force on the apple. While the apple applies an equal and opposite force upwards to keep the apple "suspended". But when the force becomes too weak to match gravity, it falls downward.


A nurse informed John that she was about to take blood from his antecubital region. What part of his body was she referring to? Later, she came back and said that she was going to give him an antibiotic shot in the deltoid region. Did he take off his shirt or his pants to get the shot? Before John left the office, the nurse noticed that his left sural region was badly bruised. What part of his body was black and blue?


1) the inside of the elbow

2)takes off shirt

3)calf of his leg


Linnaeus hierarchical system of classification includes seven levels. Which is each of these levels referred to as?


They are referred to as Taxon. Please mark me as Brainliest if I was correct.

Solar power is a renewable resource because _______. a. it is continually replenished
b. using the resource consumes it
c. it can be found everywhere on earth
d. all of the above



The correct answer would be a. it is continually replenished.

Renewable resources are those which are available in unlimited quantity in an ecosystem.

The pace of replenishment of these resources is similar to the pace of their consumption.

For example, solar energy, hydro-energy, geothermal energy et cetera.

These resources help us in achieving sustainability, reduce pollution, reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, prevent drastic climatic changes et cetera.

So, we can say that solar energy is a renewable resource because it is continually replenished

Solar power is a renewable resource because it is continually replenished.
Final answer: A 

In _____, the desired genes from one organism are combined with genes of another organism, resulting in a new combination of genes. A.hybridization
B.recombinant DNA
C.selective breeding



(C). selective breeding


The process by which humans selectively develop organisms with particular  traits by choosing parents with desired traits is known as selective breeding.

In this technique, genes with desired characters from one parent are combined withe genes of another parent to develop offspring with new combination of genes with desired trait.

Thus, the correct answer is option (C).

The answer is c selective breeding, 

What process occurs if there is no oxygen available for cellular respiration?


Anaerobic is respiration that doesn't use oxygen while aerobic uses oxygen. 
Fermentation occurs when there is not oxygen present.

atient H.M. had his medial temporal lobes surgically removed to treat his epilepsy. What were the major problems he experienced as a result of the surgery?



The results of that kind of surgery can be unexpected. Possible complications may include short term memory loss, blurred vision, muscular co-ordination problems, a lost sense of comprehension, emotional psychological problems and difficulty in speaking language words properly.


The Scientific Revolution was based upon careful observation and a willingness to question accepted beliefs. a. True
b. False


The Scientific Revolution was based upon careful observation and a willingness to question accepted beliefs.
--a. True--
b. False
This is because it is true that The Scientific Revolution was based upon careful observation and a willingness to question accepted beliefs.
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