What fact would you select to justify Rukmani's desire to keep her visit to Dr. Kenny a secret? A. Rukmani keeps her visit to Dr. Kenny a secret from Nathan because she is afraid of how he will react.

B. Rukmani keeps her visit to Dr. Kenny a secret from Nathan because she isn't afraid of how he will react.

C. Rukmani keeps her visit to Dr. Kenny a secret from Nathan because she is unafraid of how he will react.

D. Rukmani keeps her visit to Dr. Kenny a secret from Nathan because she is undaunted about how he will react.


Answer 1
Answer: Rukmani keeps her visit to Dr. Kenny a secret from Nathan because she is afraid of how he will react.
Answer 2
Answer: The answer is A. Hope this helps

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HELP!! What is one aspect of an interpretation of literature?
A. It is usually summed up by a single sentence in a text.
B. It often differs from one person to the next.
C. It stands alorie as correct even without support.
) D. It is best shown in details from an author's life.


B. It differs from one person to the next!

What kind of writing tells a real story about someone’s life? fictional narrative
personal narrative
persuasive article
informational article


The kind of writing which tells about a someone's real life story is a personal narrative.

Option B is correct.

What is meant by narrative?

A narrative represents a set of events which could be imaginary or non-imaginary.

A personal narrative is one of a type of writing where an individual writes in the first person. it is representing a person's own experience relating to any situation which can be memory of a childhood, any vacation trip, and other unforgettable experiences.

Therefore, the narrative writing mentioned in option B is correct.

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the correct answer is b


Necesito una carta para invitar a un amigo a ver una pelicula. en ingles


I need a letter to invite a friend to see a movie. in English

Answer: I need a letter to invite a friend to see a movie



how many conjunctions in this sentence: In weightlessness you choose to move up or down and left or right simply by pointing your head.


The conjunctions in this sentence would be: or (up or down), and, or (left or right)

there are only 7 conjunction words: for, and, but, or, nor, yet, so 

What are the charges against Martha Carrier? What is the evidence against her?


Martha Carrier has been accused with the murder of her husband.

Martha Carrier has been accused with taking the livestock of her neighbor's. Abigail's ankle has been broken, and Martha Carrier has been accused with it.

Martha was the very first suspected "witch" in Andover.

Martha neighbor Benjamin Abbot suspected her of witchcraft when he became ill and blaming his sickness on her enchanting him when they had already engaged into a property dispute.

To prevent her spirits from wandering, she was sent to jail and chained.

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She was charged for using witchcraft, so she was hanged. The thing is, they were just accused of bringing smallpox to Andover, but this disease killed two of her children, leaving the two other children and the husband both fine. Seems suspicious to the authorities. The evidence against her was people she knew, like neighbors. They accused her of curses and "powers" that she suddenly had. Though Martha pled not guilty, she was still hung.



The words coffee, sugar, and mocha all have their origins in ___________________. a. Arabic c. Spanish b. French d. Turkish


The words coffee, sugar, and mocha all have their origins from A) Arabic. Coffee comes from kahway, sugar from sukkar, and Mocha was the name of a port on the Red Sea in the coffee trade. 

Click to read the passage from "The Metamorphosis," by Franz Kafka. Then answer the question. In this passage, the narrator turns into a real bug. He is not imagining it. Which of the following most helps the reader understand that the character has actually turned into a bug?

A.The use of the word "verminous"
B.The fact that he finds the room too small
C.The details of the character's many legs
D.The everyday details of the room


The details of the character's many legs.

What is the message of The Metamorphosis?

The main themes in The Metamorphosis are the burden of responsibility, isolation and alienation, and sacrifice. The burden of responsibility: Before his transformation, Gregor supports his family as a traveling salesman. Once freed of that responsibility, Gregor starts to feel like a burden to his family.

What is the meaning of Gregor's Metamorphosis?

The character Gregor Samsa's in the book “Metamorphosis” by Franz symbolizes change, in which he gets transformed into a large insect. Change literally means to make or do something in a different manner to get a new result. However the central theme of the masterpiece “The Metamorphosis” is change.

Learn more about The Metamorphosis here brainly.com/question/24206831


In the first paragraph of The Metamorphosis, Kafka tells his reader that his main character—Gregor Samsa—has become a giant verminous bug. At the begining Gregor thinks is just a dream but then he realizes that it is real.

In the firts chapter Gregor wakes up to find himself transformed into a giant insect. After examining his new physiology, complete with numerous thin legs, a hard back, and a segmented belly, he wonders only momentarily what has happened to him. His attention is quickly distracted as he observes his room, noting its small size and seeing on the wall a picture of a woman he had clipped out of a magazine and framed. Wanting to go back to sleep, Gregor realizes that he cannot turn over on his side, which is the only position he can sleep in. (Taken for gradesaver.com)

As we can see in the text the details about how Gregor has changed physically is the part that helps us the most to understand the what he is feeling and seeing is a reality. The word "verminous" and the size of the room can be used as metaphor about sadness and sickness but the physical description and its feeling are way too real. The answer is C.The details of the character's many legs

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Which excerpt from the letter to the editor includes an opinion? Our city currently has a dense downtown area and then a massive amount of sprawl reaching out in every direction—the sprawl takes up seventy-five percent of the city’s land.
We need to ask for a change at this critical juncture, as our city rapidly expands at an unprecedented rate.
The residents who live in these faraway suburbs often work downtown, where the majority of businesses are still located.
Besides the business district, the city university, our two museums, and the most popular places to shop—including four grocery stores—are all in the center of the city, to name just a few key places.


Answer: We need to ask for a change at this critical juncture, as our city rapidly expands at an unprecedented rate.

Out of the options, this is the only statement that includes an opinion. The other options are simply stating facts, such as the size of the urban sprawl, the location of businesses and the most popular places to shop. On the other hand, this option states that change is critical, which is a subjective view, or an opinion.





The influence of Greek tragedy as filtered through Seneca can still be seen in modern plays, movies, and literature. Select a play, movie, or literary work with which you are familiar. In the space below, write a short piece of writing presenting and analyzing the evidence you find of Greek tragic elements as discussed in relation to Elizabethan and Senecan drama. Include examples of at least three different elements, with an explanation of each one. Be sure to include the title of your selected work, as well as its type (play, movie, or literary work such as a book or short story). Elements you might choose from include the tragic hero, premonitions, prophetic dreams, or revenge.


In the sixteenth century the popularity of Seneca's tragedies was immense. To English dramatists, struggling to impose form and order on the shapeless, though vigorous, native drama, Seneca seemed to offer an admirable model. His tragedies contained abundance of melodrama to suit the popular taste, whilst his sententious philosophy and moral maxims appealed to the more learned, and all was arranged in a clear-cut form, of which the principle of construction was easy to grasp. The great Greek tragedians were little studied by the Elizabethans. Greek was still unfamiliar to a large number of students; and it may be doubted whether in any case Aeschylus or Sophocles would have been appreciated by the Elizabethan public. The Senecan drama, crude, and melodramatic as it seems to us, appealed far more strongly to the robust Englishmen of the sixteenth century, whose animal instincts were as yet only half subdued by civilization.

The importance of the influence exercised by Senecan tragedy upon the development of the Elizabethan drama is now generally admitted. The extent of this influence has been demonstrated by J. W. Cunliffe in his Influence of Seneca on Elizabethan Tragedy, and by R. Fischer in Kunstentwicklung der englischen Tragodie. It affected both the substance and the form of the drama. The division into five acts, and the introduction of the Chorus, as in Gorboduc, The Misfortunes of Arthur, and Catiline, may be taken as examples of the influence of Seneca on the form of the Elizabethan drama, whilst in regard to matter and treatment Senecan influence was yet more important.

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