Which institution became stronger and limited the monarchy in order to end absolutism in
(1) banks (3) universities
(2) Parliament (4) Anglican Church


Answer 1
Answer: It was Parliament that became stronger and limited the monarchy in order to end absolutism in England, since the king during this time was accused of abusing his power and consolidating power in a way that hurt the nation.
Answer 2

Answer:  Parliament

Here are some key moments in the history of the growing power of Parliament in English history:

The Magna Carta (1215) asserted noblemen's rights in relationship to the king.  It set the principle of rights which would later be expanded.

The English Civil War (1642-1651) was a battle between Parliamentary forces and the armies of the king, because of a perceived overstepping of power by King Charles I.  Charles was executed and Parliamentary forces (led by Oliver Cromwell) came to power.

The Bill of Rights (1689) was an agreement made with King William III and Queen Mary II as they came over from the Netherlands to take up the royal throne of England after the so-called "Glorious Revolution" of 1688.  It limited the power of the monarch and gave greater authority to Parliament, essentially setting up England as a constitutional monarchy (rather than an absolutist rule by a monarch).

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Which deity, whose name means “feathered serpent”, was worshipped by the people of teotihuacan, maya, and the Aztecs


Quetzalcoatl would be your answer

Hope this helps :)


How was George Washington's experience different in the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War?


He was a general in the french and indian war but was president during the american revolutionary.

Ronald Reagan Convinced many Americans that he would: A. Use higher taxes to increase U.S. military power and influence B. Limit government regulation and promote economic growth C. Focus on increasing public welfare and regulating the economy


B. limit government regulation and promote economic growth.

So the US was suffering from a lot economic turmoil and that was the primary focus for Reagan, especially during his first term. He mentioned in his inaugural speech that he would limit the role of government in the economy and promote private enterprise, this in turn would stimulate the economy.

The senate rejecting a treaty negotiated by the president is an example of which precess in the u.s. government


Checks and Balances.

Separate Branches of government control each other. 

Which describes a mixed economy


Mixed Economy:

The mixed economy in economics cohabits with the government's intervention in the market systems of allocating resources, trade, and commerce.

When a government gets involved to undermine free markets through the establishment of state-owned companies (such as public healthcare or education), legislation, incentives, tariffs, and taxation policies, it may create a mixed economy.

It is structured among true capitalism and true socialism, with a certain number of free-market components and social democratic elements. It is the combination of the aspects of capitalism and socialism.

Mixed economies generally preserve private control and ownership over most production processes but often regulated by the state. These type of economies are socializing industries which are considered essential.

Even if some economists question the economic consequences of different mixed modes of economics, they are all common in historical and contemporary economies.


Why would the American Revolution give some mini American such strong hopes for the future


I think it’s because we were finally independent and we can start a new government without king George’s rules and taxes and all that. And because we have a lot of people that were clever enough to win a war against the brits that we have most of what we need to start our own country. Some thing like that

Source of conflict between Sioux and federal government


The rush for new land caused colonist to clash with the natives, the clash was for land

In 1836, Sam Houston and the citizens of Texas wrote their state's constitution True false



The answer is False, Sam Houston did not write the Constitution of the State of Texas.


While Texas has had more than half a dozen Constitutions, the one still in place today actually took affect in 1876. It contains seventeen different articles and is considered the longest constitution in number of words, only after Alamaba's constitution.

Sam Houston, while an influential man and President of Texas was not involved in writing this constitution. He actually became the President of Texas in 1836 and the city of Houston is named after him. However, he was mostly involved in normalizing relations with Mexico and had to deal with the tough balance of payments of the State.


8. What was an important effect of the Black Death(bubonic plague) on
the populations of Europe in the late


The Feudal system that had previously dominated Europe begins to collapse.

Considered divine punishment, the Black Death (bubonic plague) was one of the largest epidemics that plagued mankind.

In early 1330 the first outbreak of the bubonic plague happened in China. Plague mainly affects rodents, but their fleas can transmit the disease to people. Once infected, the infection to other people occurs extremely quickly. The plague causes fever and a painful swelling of the lymphatic glands called bulbs, hence its name. The disease can also cause blemishes on the skin that first have a reddish color and then turn black.

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