Round 3.96258 to the nearest tenth


Answer 1
Answer: 4.0()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()  
just act as if the () weren't there                        

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Write 0.39 as a fraction in simplest form


Here's how to convert 0.39 to a fraction...

There is not much that can be done to figure out how to write 0.39 as a fraction, except to literally use what the decimal portion of your number, the .39, means.

Since there are 2 digits in 39, the very last digit is the "100th" decimal place.

So we can just say that .39 is the same as 39/100.

So your final answer is: 0.39 can be written as the fraction 39/100 (ALREADY SIMPLIFIED)

0.39 is going to be over 1.

0.39/1 = 0.39

We can now put it over 100.

Move 2 places to the right. Also, do that to 1.

0.39 ⇒ 39
1 ⇒ 100

39/100 is our final answer

My estimate was 2,808 is that a reasonable estimate and why


My estimate was 2,808 is that a reasonable estimate and why




Jenna bought n notebooks which cost 5 dollars each, and 3 pens which cost r dollars each. How much money did she spend?


You can represent the amount of money that Jenna spent by writing an expression based on the information given.

5n (this is the amount she spent on notebooks) + (and) 3r (this is the amount she spent on pens)

5n + 3r would show how much money she spent.  If you know how many notebooks she bought and how much each pen costs, you would multiply these numbers by the 5 and the 3 and add them.

How do you determine whether the sign of a trigonometric function is positive or negative when dealing with half angles?



Consider the quadrant of the original angle and where half that angle would lie.

Half of any positive 1st- or 2nd-quadrant angle will lie in the first quadrant.

Half of any positive 3rd- or 4th-quadrant angle will lie in the second quadrant.


Half of any negative 1st- or 2nd-quadrant angle will lie in the third quadrant.

Half of any negative 3rd- or 4th-quadrant angle will lie in the fourth quadrant.


Here, we are using the wording "x-quadrant angle" to mean an angle whose terminal ray lies in the x-quadrant. The measure of that angle may be positive or negative. (Half of -5π/4 radians will have different trig function values than half of +3π/4 radians, even though they both have their terminal ray in the 2nd quadrant.)

We are assuming the angle does not exceed 360° (or 2π radians). If it does, you need to adjust the half-angle quadrant accordingly.


Which statements are true? Choose all answers that are correct. a. –1.7 < 1.4
b. 6.7 < 6.72
c. –5.82 < –5.7
d. –9.6 > –9.18


A. positive or negative which one is greater hint:  negative....0.....positive

b. add a 0 to 6.7 it will make it much easier. 6.70

Ellen is playing a video game in which she captures butterflies. There are 3 butterflies onscreen, but the number of butterflies doubles every minute. After 4 minutes, she was able to capture 7 of the butterflies. A)LOOK FOR A PATTERN. Write an expression for the number of butterflies after 4 minutes. Use a power of 2 in your answer.
B)Write an expression for the number of butterflies remaining after Ellen captured the 7 butterflies. Evaluate the expression.



A) The expression is given by .

B) The remaining butterflies after Ellen captures 7 butterflies is 41.

Step-by-step explanation:

A) As the number of butterflies keeps doubling every minute so the repeating number is 2 thus we use the term where n given the number of minutes passed.

Initially there were 3 butterflies on the screen so we multiply the term with the initial number of butterflies . So the expression becomes:


B) After 4 minutes Ellen captures 7 butterflies from the total, So we subtract the term 7 from the number of butterflies we calculated through the expression.


So, after 4 minutes




As Ellen has captured 7 butterflies, So:



Answer is 4 x 4

Step-by-step explanation:


On a map of Arizona, the scale is 1 inch = 5 inches. The distance between Brady's house and Flagstaff is 23 inches on the map. What is the actual distance between Brady's house and Flagstaff.​


So we know that 1 inch on the map = 5 inches.

So if Brady's house is 23 inches away from Flagstaff on the map:

23 * 5 = 115.

So 115 inches is the actual distance...

Wait. His house is 9 feet away from Flagstaff? That's cool.


What is the value of y in the system of equations shown below? 7x − 7y = 49
3x − 16y = 34


just multiple the numbers.
for example 7×7 is - 49y
and 3×16 is - 48y

The expression 6s2 represents the surface area of a cube with edges of length s. what is the cube's surface area when s = 8?


That would actually be 6*s^2
area = 6 * 8^2
area = 6 * 64
area = 384

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